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Project Review Questionnaire

PREMIUM deliverable

The project is all over, except for the screaming and the reporting on what worked and what didn't. It's important to find out how team members view it all in retrospect so you can capture those essential best practices and avoid the worst ones for future projects. Poll the delegation with this Project Review Questionnaire.

The Basics of IT Project Management

PREMIUM presentation

If you're a project manager, you already know this stuff. But perhaps some junior members of the project staff need a refresher, or you'd like to explain key concepts of IT project management to non-project managers. This Powerpoint presentation covers the basics.

Are You A Valuable Team Member?

PREMIUM checklist

Every project manager wants a dream team of competent, pleasant, reliable people who can be counted on to produce and work independently. Give your team members this checklist to monitor their own performance and inspire them to meet the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of doing the project well. (That includes pleasing you!)

Check Your Project Management Approach

PREMIUM checklist

Wondering why your projects don't sail so smoothly? Looking to improve your project management approach? Use this checklist periodically, especially when you have time on and between projects to do some serious evaluation of how you really strategize, plan and manage your projects. It will reveal the adjustments you need to make to increase your chances of success on your future projects and reveal ways to improve your current project and capitalize on those things that are working best.

Proposal Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

You and your project group are putting together a proposal--literally. This checklist (broken down into administrative, technical and financial sections) helps you keep track of what you need to include.

Start of Project Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

The beginning of a project is a busy and exciting time. It is easy to overlook details that may have a major effect on the course of the project. Use this checklist to assure yourself that the details are covered before you launch into action.

Project Viability Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

This checklist will help you decide whether your project is an idea whose time has come--or something better left undone. Call it a reality check!

Quality Review Checklist for Software Package Procurement

PREMIUM checklist

Buying a software package? How do you know which package best suits your business environment and which vendor will serve you best? This checklist will help you evaluate the key questions and tend to the important details of procuring the right packaged application.

Application Development Risk Assessment Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

Building an application? This checklist outlines 52 potential risk areas in application development, defining low, medium and high risk levels for each. Classifying your project risk in each of these areas will not only guide you in forming mitigation strategies, but really help you focus your management attention during the course of the project.

Package Vendor Questionnaire and Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

There are lots of packaged applications out there, so which is the right one for your business? This thorough questionnaire and checklist will cover the important aspects of the selection process so that you can make an informed decision on a package and vendor. It is particularly oriented toward data warehouse/business intelligence packages, but can be adapted to other kinds of vendor application packages.


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