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Treat It Like a Venture

PREMIUM presentation

These days, a successful project is all about bringing value to the business. This attitude change for survival in the digital business world is skillfully roadmapped in a Powerpoint presentation.

CRM Assessment with Call Center Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Are your customers getting the service they want from your Call Center? Do you need to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package to improve Call Center service? Use this Microsoft Project plan to assess the fit of a CRM package into your business.

Business Continuity and Contingency Plan

PREMIUM project plan
by Sandra Reed

No company wants to halt its operations under extenuating circumstances for any length of time. Use this risk management document template to create a specific plan of backup and recovery procedures so that work can flow uninterrupted when change strikes.

CRM Implementation Plan

PREMIUM project plan

This Microsoft Project plan will walk you through a full CRM implementation, from selecting the package to setting it up to post-implementation follow-up.

HR Package Evaluation Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Have you been tasked to help evaluate HR application packages? This Microsoft Project plan will come in handy.

Retail Enterprise Change Assessment Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Use this strategic plan to assess your enterprise's value streams and its readiness for change to center operations around those value streams. This retail example can be adapted to any business interested in doing a change assessment project.

Process Improvement Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Your multinational client has asked you for help implementing a process improvement project for its worldwide customer order processing operation. You whip out this Microsoft Project plan and get to work.

Application Package Selection Plan

PREMIUM project plan

If you need a quick Application Selection Project, this plan is for you. Strategy, vendor evaluation and value streams are integrated with selecting the right package.

Expedited Intranet Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Are you putting together an intranet in a hurry? Haste doesn't have to make waste. Use this Microsoft Project plan to help you get your intranet act together quickly.


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