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Maintaining Project Team Productivity Through Inclusion

by Joe Wynne

Distinguish yourself by fostering inclusion to maintain project team productivity. Start by building from organizational policies and training—then apply that guidance to team and individual interactions.

Maintaining Teamwork Remotely

by Andy Jordan

Adjusting to a remote way of working requires a change in how people think about work. How can we keep a sense of collaboration when working remotely? And how do we lead a team remotely when that team was always intended to be collocated?

Maintenance Process


The Maintenance Process provides guidelines for the long-term enhancement aspect of system maintenance: how to assess and design system upgrades resulting from business changes; how to build and test the upgraded system to assure that it satisfies the new business needs; and how to transition the upgraded system seamlessly into the current production environment.

Major IT Services Firms Step Up Sourcing

Four of the top ten IT services organizations have made acquisitions designed to quickly build up their offshore resources in India during the last couple of years.

Major Milestones and Deliverables

by Luc K. Richard

Without concrete milestone and deliverables, project plans are too intangible to function as a reliable status indicator. The following list summarizes milestones and deliverables that apply to most software development projects.

Major Service Change Request

PREMIUM deliverable

This document details the impact a proposed IT project or major service change will have on the current and planned infrastructure of an enterprise.

Make a PMImpact

by PMI

Our community is in a unique position to help those impacted by COVID-19. In response to these uncertain times, we are launching a new social good campaign – PMImpact. Learn how you can volunteer and share your stories on our new PMImpact microsite. We can’t wait to see the impact you’re making!

Make A Statement: Turn Vision Into Reality

by Joyce Li

Here’s how to turn vision into reality. Vision is powerful. A shared project vision enables team members to focus their energy toward the future reality. Vision also provides context and meaning to their hard work. In the case of a troubled project, the vision statement can serve as a marker to steer the effort back on track when targets are missed and/or scope changes cloud the original mandate.


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