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Parsing the Fine Print

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

This article looks at the issues facing project managers when contracting out for project resource, expertise or capability--or to mitigate project risk. And it takes a look at a project that shows how innovation is not just confined to technology but, by using the right kind of contract appropriate to the project's needs, can yield successful results in other ways.

Part of the PMI Family!

by Aaron Smith

This is an awesome opportunity for us to fully realize our editorial mission, to “build bridges and break down barriers.” With PMI’s committed support, resources and worldwide presence, we will be able to reach an exponentially larger audience of project leaders and practitioners, while significantly expanding the depth and breadth of our content.

Particularity in Modern IT Systems Development

by Irina Kulikova

The process of development and adaption with information technologies is changing, becoming more complicated and complex. Modern businesses not only need function automization, they also need technologies that can change all of it.

Partisan Politics in Agile Projects

by Don Kim

If you’ve ever been involved in a highly visible project in which major stakeholders are jockeying to position themselves to impose their own agenda, then you would have experienced project partisan politics. And If you are a ScrumMaster on an agile project, there isn't a more important impediment to get out of the way.

Partner Up

by Sue Dyer

Project teams are made up of interdependent roles. When information hoarding, blame seeking and self-protection kick in, a breakdown isn’t far behind. Here are five concepts to help create a foundation that allows for cooperative relationships and teamwork to grow.

Partners In Time

by Aaron Smith

An overwhelmed government PMO serving southeast Michigan transformed itself into a cutting-edge IT operation, even while weathering budget cuts, by adopting a governance framework, taking control of its project data, and partnering with its internal customers.


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