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Ready Or Not

by David Schmaltz

A look at New Orleans’ emergency preparedness plan shows it was quite focused on roles and responsibilities, but had little to say about how such definitions might actually contribute to a meaningful response. Tragically, the results after Hurricane Katrina speak volumes about this incomplete approach to planning.

Ready to Grow

by Aaron Smith

From the beginning, our editorial mission has been straightforward: to bring a fresh, realistic perspective to the art and science of project management.

Ready to Roll


The plan is approved, your team is in place and you have the official "OK" to proceed. Get your project started on the right foot by clarifying procedures and reviewing first deliverables; verifying agreements with outside resources; and communicating to all who have a stake in the project that work has begun! [3 min.]

Ready To Roll Out

by Ted Stephens

Establishing a PMO involves a degree of change that will be felt across the organization. As you move forward with implementation, it is essential to understand the impact on all stakeholders, gain wide support for the changes, clarify accountability and maintain two-way communication.

Ready to Ship?

by Luc K. Richard

If staying in control of your project is not all that important to you, cram everything into one large release. However, if you'd like to be in better control of your project, break your development effort into three or four milestone releases.

Ready Your Team for the Digital Future's Delivery Environment

by Joe Wynne

Whether you are managing multiple short automation projects or massive application portfolio streamlining initiatives, you must make sure your team is ready for the specific delivery environment. There are tactics suited for various environments, but also tactics you can use universally.

Ready Yourself for Career Opportunity

by Joe Wynne

With more opportunities than ever for project managers, you need to have tactics at the ready to make the most of your career. Sure, networking is important, but how do you prepare? Who do you contact? What questions are relevant?

Ready, Aim, Hire

by Pierre Monacelli

The success or failure of tomorrow's projects will depend greatly on finding the right people today to manage them. When interviewing candidates, look closely at these 10 areas of qualification. While time consuming, hiring "tough" is an essential upfront process that pays off, again and again.

Ready, Mindset, Go!

by Jack Ricchiuto

Project managers must develop fluency in the principles of interdependence, uniqueness and impermanence.


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