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Creating an Association to Standardize Project Spans

white paper
by Brad Candia; Brian Gomez; Dr. Matthew Gonzalez, PMP; and Fabio Magana

IT companies are required to assist businesses with decisions by deciphering technical concerns. They also bridge the gap for business and technology. Providing more ways to close the gap could result in increased use of IT resources for future efforts.

Creating Knowledge of End Users' Requirements: The Interface Between Firm and Project

white paper
by Sofia Pemsel & Kristian Widén

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

In order to stay competitive and meet the changing needs of the market, construction firms must develop efficient means of gathering and using knowledge of end users' requirements. This article uses two case studies to explore the knowledge creation of end users' requirements in project-driven firms.

Critical Chain


The "Critical Chain" of a project is the longest chain of tasks taking into account both predecessor/successor relationships and resource leveling.

Critical Path Analysis


An analysis technique used to identify the critical (essential) and non-critical (non-essential) activities associated with a business process or work plan and the amount of float (slack) associated with each activity.

Cryptographic Hash Function


A hash function is an algorithm that turns a string (for example, a typed sentence) into a unique, fixed length string of characters that the computer understands as the same thing. So the output just looks like a jumble of letters and numbers to the human eye, but in that form a computer can then process and work with the information more efficiently. The fixed length string is sometimes called a message digest or digital fingerprint.


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