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Goal Setting


A technique used to formulate specific targets for achieving an objective at a point in time. A goal is thus an operational transformation of one or more objectives. Goals can be set for enterprise-wide objectives, project objectives, activity-level, and/or quality-related objectives (see Objectives Setting).

Context Analysis


A technique used to scope a process or an activity within a process. For the process or activity, examine the inputs (starting points), outputs (results or ending conditions), interfaces to other processes or activities, and external agents such as customers, regulators, suppliers, etc. It provides a platform to better understand the socio-cultural, political, economic and geographic factors that cause challenges.

Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is very important in Project Management. It will help us to improve communications and relationships with our stakeholders and thus increase motivation and productivity.



The RACI model is a quick way to lay out roles and responsibilities on your project. It allows you to discuss, communicate and agree upon roles for your project. A RACI matrix is a document that clarifies which individuals or groups are responsible for a project’s successful completion, and the roles that each will play throughout the project.



A technique used to experiment with new ideas or concepts at relatively low cost. Prototyping is the process of creating a simple and experimental model of a digital product to visualize the concept and get feedback from teammates and stakeholders. Prototyping is used to model and create a functional form of a newly redesigned or reengi...

Bottom-Up estimating


Bottom-up estimating involves the estimation of work at the lowest possible level of detail. These estimates are then aggregated in order to arrive at summary totals. By building detailed cost and time estimates for a work package, the probability of being able to meet the estimated amounts improves substantially. Bottom-up estimates take more time to complete, but they also are more accurate than either analogous or parametric estimates.

Team Building


Team building is one of the interpersonal and team skills. It enhances the team's social relations and build a collaborative and cooperative working environment.It is A set of techniques used to help project teams learn, grow, and develop into more effective teams. The techniques can be applied throughout the project lifecycle, during team meetings, and/or workshops to facilitate team member affiliation (see Workshops and Facilitation).

Activity Based Costing (ABC)


The accounting technique, which identifies all costs associated with individual activities comprising a project or process, irrespective of its place within an organizational structure. For example, ABC assigns product costs, based on the activities that are required to produce a product. By identifying the product’s cost drivers and its corresponding activities, this technique also allows for identification of non-value-adding activities and opportunities for cost reductions through reengineering or redesign.

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Transition Planning


A set of techniques to address all aspects of transitioning to a new environment. The key aspects of change that must be addressed are managerial (M), operational (O), social (S), and technical (T).


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