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Examining or measuring whether an activity, component, product, result, or service conforms to specified requirements. Inspection is performed by a Independent Team / Group to provided timely unbiased Observations...

Integrated Scheduling of Production and Distribution Operations

white paper
by Kenneth Ng

From the Robert H. Smith School of Business.
Many companies driven by direct orders, such as those in the computer industry and food catering services, produce and deliver to customers directly without holding intermediate inventories. These companies are confronted with the difficult task of optimizing both their customer service level as well as total distribution cost.

Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering

Author: Eric Rebentisch | ISBN: 9781119258926

Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering shows how organizations can become more effective, more efficient and more responsive, and enjoy better performance outcomes. The discussion begins with an overview of key concepts, and details the challenges faced by system engineering and program management practitioners every day. The practical framework that follows describes how the roles can be integrated successfully to streamline project workflow, with a catalog of tools for assessing and deploying best practices. Case studies detail how real-world companies have successfully implemented the framework to improve cost, schedule and technical performance, and coverage of risk management throughout helps you ensure the success of your organization's own integration strategy. Available course outlines and PowerPoint slides bring this book directly into the academic or corporate classroom, and the discussion's practical emphasis provides a direct path to implementation.

Interaction Analysis


To complete the information architecture, it is necessary to analyze the interaction of entity types and activities. Activities can be seen to either Create, Read, Update, or Delete (CRUD) at least one entity type. Entity types, in turn, need to be used by at least one activity. At the architectural level, we want to know answers to the following:

Interface Control Document (ICD)


Interface Control Document (ICD) is a document that describes the interface(s) to a system or subsystem. It may describe the inputs and outputs of a single system or the interface between two systems or subsystems. It can be very detailed or pretty high level, but the point is to describe all inputs to and outputs from a system.

Internet Business Intelligence

Author: David Vine | ISBN: 0-910965-35-8

The Internet is a powerful tool for all businesses regardless of size. This book shows you how to harness the Internet for a business intelligence system and find customers, increase sales, track cometitors and more. Turn your small company into serious competition for the giants!


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