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PM Hustle

by Ghia Yuson

This blog focuses on providing insights and tips for individuals who are transitioning their careers to project management and tech. It covers topics related to project management, software development, supply chain excellence, investment research, corporate strategy, and management consulting. The blog aims to help career switchers navigate the path to becoming successful project managers in the technology industry.

The Task Master

by Obiajulum Omoregie

Welcome to The Task Master, a blog that is dedicated to providing you with the latest insights, trends and best practices in the field of project management. Whether you are a seasoned project manager or just starting out in your career, this blog is created to help you develop core skills in managing projects. My mission is to empower you with the knowledge, tools and techniques you need to plan, execute and deliver successful projects. From agile methodologies to risk management strategies, my goal is to cover a wide range of topics to help you stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of project management. Join in on this journey to become a task master!

The Pragmatic Project Manager

by Ercan Yilmaz

The blog aims to provide insights, practical tips, and strategies for effective project management, particularly in regards to leadership and communication skills. Written by Ercan Yilmaz, BSEE, MSCS, MBA, ESI MC GWU, PMI-PMP, CSM, SAFePOPM, 6σBB.

Martin's Project Playbook

by Marts Ilumin

With 16 years of experience in the technology, manufacturing, and real estate industries, I'm excited to pass along some valuable insights and tools to help new project managers succeed. Whether you're just starting or have been in the field for a while, I hope you'll find this blog informative and fun.

Disciplined Agile

by Scott Ambler, Mike Griffiths, Bjorn Gustafsson, James Trott, Tatsiana Balshakova, Mark Lines, Curtis Hibbs

This blog contains details about various aspects of PMI's Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit, including new and upcoming topics.

Risk Management for Complex Projects

by Esra Tepeli

Project risk is a common threat to complex projects, and the track record of cost and time overruns is well documented. In this blog, risk management methods and tools are proposed according to the project type, project complexity, and environmental factors. Project risks and opportunities will be identified and analyzed, then risk response plans will be implemented in order to decrease the negative risk impacts. The risk management strategy can be agile or conventional, based on the project objectives and corporate strategy.

Creating the PMO of the Future

by Kimberly Whitby, Erica Grenfell, Adam Selverian, Cameron McGaughy

This video series will explain not only key aspects of how to create a successful PMO, but also cover the human side of the project manager role and how both are so critical to the journey. This series will also outline many tools and techniques on how to better understand what your client—or executive sponsors—expect out of the PMO. Made in partnership with ESIS, Inc.

Be Good to Yourself

by Angela Even

This blog is about caring for your most valuable asset: you. You cannot provide value to anyone if you are not operating at peak performance, so your most successful project should be you. I will uncover key leadership techniques, recommendations and theories related to working remotely and improving employee outcomes. Topics will include self-management, self-awareness and self-care, along with emotional intelligence, empathy, collaboration, relationship building, establishing trust, mental health awareness, remote work and e-leadership.

Practically Project Management

by Jonathan Hanley

Practically Project Management explores real world aspects of project management through storytelling. By providing meaningful insights, while having some fun, I believe we can improve how work gets done — thus making the world a little bit better together.

Project Signposts

by Michael Edward Putnam

This blog is designed to help illuminate those key behaviors that facilitate project success. The focus is to revisit those foundational elements that often get lost in all of the project methodologies and terminologies—but which are essential across all disciplines in project management.


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