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The Management of Benefits: Opening the Black Box of Benefits and Revealing their Collective Production

Jan 29, 2020 9:00 AM EST (UTC-5)

In the context of projects, benefits management has recently been attracting the attention of practitioners and researchers alike. Project management practitioners are particularly interested in benefits management to demonstrate the connection between project management and projects benefits. For their part, most researchers aim to explain how to establish this connection, by proposing new conceptual frameworks. Yet, a crucial issue remains under discussed: how benefits management is practiced, in concrete situations, and which challenges practitioners face. Although many organizations are considering adopting formal processes of benefits management, benefits management seems fraught with difficulties when it comes to its deployment and its practice. These challenges have been the focal point of our study, which led us to meet with project management practitioners involved in benefits management in five large-scale organizations.

The Role of Design in Agile Projects

Sep 19, 2023 1:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)

In the systems development traditions of the past, most people adhered to the concept that development should be done in discrete phases. These were typically sequential: analysis, design, implementation, and testing, often referred to as "the waterfall". Agile processes reject this notion almost entirely, and so one question that often arises is: if there is no design "phase", when does design happen? Is there a role for design in an agile process? This webinar will address this question and introduce the concept of an "emergent" design process. This will be an overview, with no technical knowledge or experience required.

The Role of Social Media in Intrastakeholder Strategies to Influence Decision Making in a UK Infrastructure Megaproject

Jul 26, 2021 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)

This webinar examines the role of social media in public stakeholder and intrastakeholder group strategies to influence decision making in the consultation stage of UK infrastructure megaprojects. The context is the consultation process on the construction of a new Crossrail 2 station in Chelsea, London, where there is resistance. Analysis of social media communication by the affected public groups and interviews with the opposing group shows different intragroup concerns, with stakeholders developing a strong identity enabled by social media. To reduce perceived lack of responsiveness, we recommend that project managers harness social media marketing principles for ongoing relationship building.

Together We Rise – Harnessing the Power of WEW- Women Empowering Women

Oct 9, 2023 9:30 AM EDT (UTC-4)

This panel discussion delves into the compelling concept of "Women Empowering Women." It explores the importance of women coming together, supporting one another, and collaborating to achieve shared goals. This theme transcends cultural, geographical, and socio-economic boundaries, highlighting its universality and significance in our global community. Join some inspiring women across continents where we explore the transformative power of women empowering women and chart a course towards a future where gender equality is not just a dream but a reality.

Tools for Teaching Career Readiness Skills in a Global Economy

Aug 4, 2020 3:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)

Join PMIEF to learn how Asia Society leveraged PMIEF’s Project Management Toolkit for Teachers® to create these resources that offer an overview of project management basics, sample projects for youth, global career planning resources, workforce readiness rubrics, and video profiles of global careers. Find out how PMIEF’ s support of Asia Society has enabled one of the world’s leading nonprofits to equip youth with the life skills needed to successfully pursue professional and civic roles.

Transformer la gestion de projet avec l'intelligence artificielle et l'intelligence émotionnelle

Mar 31, 2023 1:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)

Dans ce webinaire, nous allons explorer comment utiliser l'IA et l'intelligence émotionnelle pour transformer la gestion de projet. Nous verrons comment l'IA peut automatiser certaines tâches fastidieuses et comment l'intelligence émotionnelle peut aider les chefs de projet à mieux comprendre et à gérer les émotions de leur équipe. En combinant les avantages de ces deux approches, nous montrerons comment améliorer la communication, la collaboration et la résolution de problèmes au sein d'un projet. Des études de cas réelles seront présentées pour illustrer les concepts et des experts du secteur apporteront leur témoignage sur l'utilisation de ces techniques dans leur propre travail. Rejoignez-nous pour découvrir comment l'IA et l'intelligence émotionnelle peuvent aider à atteindre des résultats exceptionnels dans la gestion de projet.


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