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Project Manager to C-Suite: Rebirth of PMs as Strategic Project Leaders to Amplify Careers, Organizational & Economic Growth with Project Intelligence

PREMIUM presentation
by Fola Alabi

Ready to take your project management career to new heights and unlock the doors to the C-Suite? Join us to learn how to transform from a project manager to a strategic project leader, equipped with advanced project management skills, emotional intelligence, and business acumen. Discover how to unleash your Project Intelligence (PQ) to drive strategic decision-making, foster innovation, and accelerate economic growth. Learn from Fola and gain the knowledge and tools to propel your career towards C-Suite roles, making a lasting impact on your organization's success. Join Fola F Alabi, your Transformational Business and Project Leadership Expert fondly called the Strategic Project Leader and BusinessLife Catalyst now and embark on the journey towards career acceleration and strategic leadership!

Empathy when Eliciting User Knowledge

PREMIUM presentation
by David Davis, Lynda Carter

Elicitation of knowledge is a human interaction. In order to be effective, a project professional must understand the view of the knowledge worker on approaching the session(s). We will discuss human relationship components and how they dictate the environment. We will look at the elicitation cycle and how the project professional needs to use empathy to optimize this cycle. Finally, we discuss the culture intelligence environment and how it impacts the use of empathy to help the knowledge worker feel safe in the discussions.

Developing Growth Mindset

PREMIUM presentation
by Navdeep Jassi

We are in the most busiest and distracted era of all time. With our day-to-day activities and environment we get used to the small world we create around us. Some of us develop a fixed mindset and end up remaining average in our life. Others develop a growth mindset and open up their minds to the world outside their small world and grow exponentially. Small changes to the way we deal with our brains can make a big difference to our lives and the people around us. This webinar will take you on a journey of developing a growth mindset.

Utilities and Net Zero Energy Projects

PREMIUM presentation
by Sam Ayodele

Organizations are genuinely pushing for more sustainable business models because it delivers benefits, and it is the right thing to do. The shift offers financial and competitive value to businesses that make environmental, social, governance and sustainability a priority at all levels of an organization.

Commonality-Variability Analysis

by Scott Bain

Analysis skills are crucial to the success of any agile effort. For the team to deliver value to the organization the requirements given to them must be evaluated critically to ensure they are understood, that there is no missing information, and that the work of the team will be in completely alignment with organizational priorities. This webinar will teach a very powerful tool for accomplishing this analysis. A real-world example will be used to illustrate this way of working.

The Impact of the Information Age on Communication Management

PREMIUM presentation
by Jennifer Grosschadl

With so much information available at our fingertips, the world continues to move faster, and communication has to be quicker to grab our attention. Instant gratification has become the standard, and people value information only until something else pings for their attention. In this webinar, learn how the age of information is impacting project communications and ways we, as project managers, can adjust and use the Communications Management knowledge area to complete successful project communications in an era with an unprecedented amount of items fighting for a project team's attention.

Software Project Tracking Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Ahamed Sajid

This simple tracker for software projects logs project status, review summaries, and important events. The sheet maintains resource utilization cost and completion percentages, ensuring that projects are within budget. The simplicity of the presentation helps the template be easily presented to higher management.

Project HEADWAY: Digging for Root Causes

PREMIUM presentation
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

This webinar provides essential insights into how to explore and evaluate problems, how to identify and explore causal relationships, and how to do the necessary but difficult work of getting to root causes. If problem solving is essential to your role—and when it isn’t it?—this is a webinar that you won’t want to miss.

Mapping Your Future: Aligning Career Planning with Personal Strategic Planning

PREMIUM presentation
by Hanan Mohamed

The webinar encourages aspiring project managers and professionals to prioritize self-care, seek support, and engage in continuous learning and personal/professional development to achieve their desired outcomes. It emphasizes the importance of aligning career aspirations with personal strategic plans through adaptive learning, personalized planning and developing a growth mindset.


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