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A Method for Getting Things Done with Focus

PREMIUM presentation
by Gregor Nicolas is a minimalist project management system that streamlines the project planning and execution process. The system focuses on providing users with a simple and intuitive interface that allows them to easily focus on the right activities to plan, monitor and control projects. Despite its minimalistic design, still provides users with essential project management tools and functionalities, such as charter or scope, deliverables breakdown and resource allocation, and risk management. The framework is well suited for small to medium-sized projects and is ideal for individuals and teams who are looking for a straightforward solution for managing their projects from day one after the training or reading the material. With, users can minimize the time and effort required searching the best way to manage projects, enabling them to focus more on delivering high-quality results and communicating properly.

Special Olympics International: Starting with the Foundation

by Caitlin Sullivan, Laura Jones, Kaitlyn Hamrick, Jordyn Stump

The partnership between the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) and Special Olympics International (SOI) strengthens SOI’s PM capacity and established the organization’s Project Management Center of Excellence (PMCOE). Today, we’ll learn how project management has made and impact on Special Olympics International and helped them launch the Youth Leadership Experience.

Using Adaptive Approach to Drive Public Sector Projects - The Estonian eResidency Case

PREMIUM presentation
by Tam. Abaku

This webinar is about adaptive government projects, and it is hinged on the ways of working on the PMI talent triangle. Government is increasingly embracing the adaptive approach to manage public projects. This has resulted in a shift from the traditional style of service delivery towards a citizen-centric approach that delivers value. One of such projects is the Estonian eResidency project. Our research focused on gaining insights into the perception of users (eCitizens) of the exceptional Estonian eResidency. Findings revealed that eResidents perceive government as a transactional service platform, as well as a member state and expressed a sense of belongingness.

I.D.E.A. to Manage Onboarding Companies that are Switching Banks or Service Providers

PREMIUM presentation

It is very daunting and challenging for a decent sized organisation to change service providers. These service providers range from financial services (banks), IT providers, accountancy etc. There are too many moving parts and could potentially cause a lot of headaches. If not managed well, this can lead to business disruptions, losses and might affect the reputation of the company. As such, transition management is important to manage the scope, timelines and costs of change. Transition manager also manages the communication between all stakeholders and resolve any conflicts that potentially could delay the transition go live. Transition management is basically not as complicated and does not utilize all the PMBOK knowledge areas but certain PM skills are required.

Effective Facilitation Techniques to Maintain Rapport and Trust throughout a Session

PREMIUM presentation
by Aina Aliieva

Join our upcoming webinar on the art of facilitation and learn how to guide groups effectively through learning, problem-solving, and decision-making processes. As a facilitator, creating a positive and productive environment where participants feel valued and engaged is crucial to success. Establishing and maintaining rapport and trust with your group is a key component of this. Our session will focus on the importance of rapport and trust and provide practical strategies for building these critical relationships with participants. By the end of the webinar, you'll have a deeper understanding of how to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters open communication and mutual respect. Sign up now to master the art of facilitation and take your group guiding skills to the next level!

How to Drive HIPAA Compliance on Projects with Covered Entities and Business Associates

PREMIUM presentation
by Chris Basener

What can project managers do to drive HIPAA compliance on related projects with covered entities and/or business associates? Despite the fact that HIPAA has been in force for over a quarter of a century, misconceptions abound that threaten the privacy and safety of patient data and place companies at risk of civil monetary penalties.

Transitioning an Organization from Waterfall to Agile

PREMIUM presentation
by NK Shrivastava, Phillip George, Sarah Johnson

Organizations using predictive project management practices face many challenges when trying to move the organization, or even just one team, to adaptive practices. Learn more about the factors to keep in mind when transitioning from Waterfall to Agile in this webinar.

From PMO to Learning Hub: Revolutionize Your Organization's Education Strategy

PREMIUM presentation
by Giuliano Caracciolo

Join Giuliano as he shows you how to turn your project management office into a company-wide center of learning. Discover how you can teach your colleagues the best ways to execute based on your PMO's core competencies and unleash their full potential. This session covers a range of models, frameworks, and strategies to add value to your organization and take your organization to new heights.

Planning Knowledge Projects Part 3: Building and Finishing the Project

PREMIUM presentation
by Kevin McGowan

In this webinar, Kevin McGowan will guide you through how to build the team and how to create your knowledge assets. We will review best practices and samples for developing videos and interactive content, as well as text-based documentation and materials.


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