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Dichotomies in Project Managemen

PREMIUM presentation
by Usman Murtaza

Paradoxes in project leadership: situational awareness & call to action In project management, we must facilitate several issues, which include. - dichotomies such as long-term versus short-term goals - empowerment versus micromanagement - mentorship versus firing - discipline versus choice How can we effectively recognize and negotiate with those situations?

How AI Will Transform Project Management

PREMIUM presentation
by Ricardo Vargas, Antonio Nieto

Although AI is yet to be a standard tool in the world of projects, Gartner predicts that by 2030, 80 percent of project management tasks will be run by AI, powered by big data, machine learning, and natural language processing. When this next generation of tools is widely adopted, we will see radical changes in how projects are managed in many industries.

Concept Paper Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Jennifer Morris

The purpose of a concept paper is to document an idea or proposed solution that could potentially benefit your company. It is a blend of a traditional project charter and business justification document that can aid small businesses with an emerging PM methodology and build consensus to support an initiative as part of seeking management approval to formally designate a project.  Add fields and departments to suit your specific needs/company.

Project HEADWAY: Moving from Project Manager to Program Manager: A Survival Guide

PREMIUM presentation
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Being a program manager comes with a completely set of responsibilities, has vastly different accountabilities, and employs very different skills. Recognizing what is needed to be successful as you make the transition into a program management role is essential. If you are a new program manager—or are contemplating making the transition—this is a webinar that you won’t want to miss.

BANI world, Is it a Boon or Bane for Enterprises?

PREMIUM presentation
by Ashutosh Bhatawadekar

In this talk I cover Why individuals & organizations need to be constantly on their toes and be ready to face the Future in the new BANI world. I will also list some of the tectonic changes an organization needs to make to not only survive but shine in the new world order.

Meet Less, Meet Better

PREMIUM presentation
by Rebeka Zajac

Meetings are the biggest time and energy drain for a lot of teams. Some studies have shown that 92% of employees consider meetings costly and unproductive, and 70% of meetings keep employees from their tasks. As project managers with objectives to deliver, we can’t afford to lose time to unproductive meetings! This webinar will help you to rethink how and when you meet to better support the success of your project team by giving them back more time to get important things done.

Planning Knowledge Projects Part 1: Defining the Needs

PREMIUM presentation
by Kevin McGowan

In this webinar, Kevin McGowan will guide you through the first steps in developing new knowledge assets (training courses, videos, documentation, etc.). You will learn what questions to ask when faced with developing new knowledge materials, and how to get started with audience analysis.

Project Management in Developing Training Aids

PREMIUM presentation

The webinar would discuss how a challenge put across by leadership to leverage latest technology (AR/VR/MR) has been taken up and implemented successfully by following the principles of Project Management - Initiating / Planning / Scheduling / Executing & Monitoring / Closing. Also, would share the reason why this has been selected as a 'best practice' in the L&D fraternity and has been selected for Excellence in Practice 2023 award from Association for Talent development, USA.

Lessons Learned Register

PREMIUM deliverable
by Lonnie Pacelli

To help you create lessons learned that will not get stuffed in a folder never to see the light of day, use this simple Excel template in your organization. The template should be used across initiatives so you have a single source of the truth on lessons learned in one file versus having to hunt through multiple files. Use in conjunction with the article Capturing Lessons Learned That Actually Get Used.


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