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Communication: The Key to Project Success

PREMIUM presentation
by Sajeev Kumar Menon

Communication is the building block of business relationships. The communication can range from face-to-face meetings, conference calls, emails and presentations. In all such scenarios it is vital for the Project Manager to get his/her message across to the audience.

Communications Management Plan

PREMIUM deliverable
by Alexandre Costa

This Communication Management Plan sets the communications framework for your project and serves as a guide for communications throughout the life of the project. This is a working document and should be updated as communication needs change. This plan includes a sample stakeholder matrix, a sample communications matrix (which maps specific messages to stakeholders or stakeholder groups) and more. Adapt each section to fit your project.

Communications Plan

PREMIUM deliverable
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

UPDATED TEMPLATE! The communications plan provides a comprehensive view of how your project will communicate with the various audiences that it supports. Use this template and the sample matrix to schedule and assign communication responsibilities.

Concept Paper Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Jennifer Morris

The purpose of a concept paper is to document an idea or proposed solution that could potentially benefit your company. It is a blend of a traditional project charter and business justification document that can aid small businesses with an emerging PM methodology and build consensus to support an initiative as part of seeking management approval to formally designate a project.  Add fields and departments to suit your specific needs/company.

Conducting Project Surveys

PREMIUM presentation

Part of ending the project is evaluating how it went. A good project survey measures quality and customer satisfaction.

Conflict and Change - The Two Elements Go Hand-in-Hand

PREMIUM presentation
by Lynda Carter

Change and conflict go hand-in-hand. We need to understand and embrace how change can create conflict and how, as leaders, we need to address and manage that conflict. This webinar will provide you with ideas that will help you embrace the positive conflict that drives change and build your willingness to engage and manage conflict. The webinar touches the following concepts: the change process, pain vs. gain, change threshold, the change curve and strategies for managing conflict.

Consulting Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

Whether you're a consultant starting with a new client or a company looking to outsource, this agreement will make sure everyone is on the same page going into your next project.

Consulting and Professional Services Contract

PREMIUM deliverable

Sooner or later, your company will have work with consultants and professional services providers. This sample contract can give you guidelines about the kinds of matters you must make legal provision for when outsourcing work to people and companies outside your corporation. To avoid nasty legal misunderstandings, however, we advise you to have your own legal department or lawyer review this or any contract you make between your company and an outside service provider or consultant. (Our lawyers made us say that!)

Consulting As a Service for Digital Transformation Vision

PREMIUM presentation
by Nathalie Bouchard

Following her successful webinar, Consulting As a Service for Digital Transformation Program, Nathalie Bouchard, Executive Advisor and co-founder of Oneflexiwork, takes the innovative concept one step further and presents how it can support leaders in transforming their Digital Transformation vision into an actionable transformation program.


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