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How Requirements Repositories and Reusability can Help Achieve a Competitive Advantage


What does a requirement look like? Is there a standard structure for them beyond just "one line on your spreadsheet"? Requirements information varies a LOT in structure. How the information is used and "who needs to use it" varies a lot as well. At some point there are much better ways to manage them then on that spreadsheet you've been using.

How to be an Effective Team Leader


Discusses how the expanding global marketplace has placed a new premium on a leader's ability to manage geographically distributed teams. The solution lies more in understanding the internal and external dynamics than using the newest software tools that keep us connected. This course provides new insights and skills that will enable you to coordinate, communicate and collaborate more effectively with team members, regardless of location.
This file requires the WebEx Player. It is 4.8Mb.

How to Calculate Cumulative Cost Curves


Use this template to create a cumulative cost curve if you have a good idea of how your costs will be broken out over the life of your project.

How to Choose the Right Low-Code/No-Code Solution for Your Citizen Developer Project

by Elizabeth Jordan, Rogerio Sandim

Citizen Development is gaining traction and many organizations are using low-code or no-code software to build apps and solve business problems. But how to choose the right software to use? In this session Rogerio will share tips on how to go about choosing the right low-code or no-code software platform to use for your citizen development project.

How to Conduct Your First Project Team Meeting


The champagne and confetti from the project kickoff are a memory. Now reality sets in. It's time to schedule that first team meeting, that first true test of your project management skills. This presentation will let you review what you need to be prepared for and will help you prepare your agenda for this momentous occasion.

How to Deal with Stressful Projects …. And Survive

by Valerie Denney

Have you ever been faced with a complex, multi-dimensional project and pressure from multiple stakeholders? Is this the normal course of business in your organization? If so, this webinar is for you.

How to Handle Issue Management in a PMO Setting


We all have issues, and so do our projects. A good project management office has processes in place to handle issues as they come up. Here is a sample process to put into place issue management handling procedures within a PMO setting.


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