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Lessons Learned Register

PREMIUM deliverable
by Sromon Das

The aim of the template is to capture lessons learned consistently across an organization. Capturing key project-related data in a consistent manner helps other project teams (in a different location, function, department) filter through and identify relevant lessons. The template can be used as is and shared via a local shared drive or in the cloud; or the format can be leveraged to create a SharePoint list to facilitate collaboration. Adapt categories and values to suit your needs.

Lessons Learned Register

PREMIUM deliverable
by Lonnie Pacelli

To help you create lessons learned that will not get stuffed in a folder never to see the light of day, use this simple Excel template in your organization. The template should be used across initiatives so you have a single source of the truth on lessons learned in one file versus having to hunt through multiple files. Use in conjunction with the article Capturing Lessons Learned That Actually Get Used.

Lessons Learned Report Outline

PREMIUM deliverable
by Teresa Sabino

Use this report outline to keep track of successful lessons, unsuccessful lessons and actions items. Use in conjunction with the other templates in the Lessons Learned Package.

Lessons Learned Template

by Gururaj Kumar Shetty

This log helps you collate both the positive and negative experiences throughout the life cycle of any software development project. The main purpose of this template is to collect, share, learn and improve from the real-time experiences you encounter during the project.

Lessons Learned Template (Construction)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Manavasi Ramesh

From the initiation to the closing stages of a project, different problems arise that may or may not affect project cost and schedule outcomes. We must record these in a specific format that will act as a reference document for future projects. This template is prepared considering the activities involved in construction projects, but it can be modified for different project purposes.

Lessons Learned, Complete the Circle

PREMIUM presentation
by John Balog Kimberly Johnson Brian Cohn

For some of us, the lowly Lessons Learned is one of those ‘have to do’ items in the Project Management artifacts folder. Some of us push it off, forget it, rush it, or minimize it. If used correctly, it becomes the ‘primer’ for your next project. We will see how it will save both time and money. Over time your Lessons Learned will switch from issues to must haves.

Level of Effort Estimation Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Arunabh Sinha

In projects or an operations-based environment, it is crucial to be able to plan the effort required for any task. The nature, volume and complexity (in short, uncertainty) of tasks will keep changing forever. This generic LOE estimation model is highly accurate and can be customized for any kind of setup.

Leveraging the Customer to Improve Product Development

by Dale Hagemeyer

From the Gartner PPM Summit 2007
If the first time your customers see a product is during a focus group, then you have lost 70 percent of the opportunity to leverage them in the innovation process.


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