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Controlling the Software Development Process Checklist


Use this checklist to evaluate your organization's mechanisms for identifying problems in the software development process, correcting development process deficiencies and preventing the recurrence of project problems brought on by development process deficiencies.

Conversion Routines


What is the best way to get data from the legacy system(s) into the new system? Design your conversion routines to organize the process.

Coordinating Knowledge Work in Multiteam Programs: Findings From a Large-Scale Agile Development Program

by Torgeir Dingsoyr

Software development projects have undergone remarkable changes with the arrival of agile development approaches. Although intended for small, self-managing teams, these approaches are today used for large development programs. A major challenge of such programs is coordinating many teams. This case study describes the coordination of knowledge work in a large-scale agile development program with 12 teams. The findings highlight coordination modes based on feedback, the use of a number of mechanisms, and how coordination practices change over time. The findings can improve the outcomes of large knowledge-based development programs by tailoring coordination practices to needs over time.

Core Team Post-Project Review

by George Spafford

Regardless of why your project has ended, you still need to collect information about it. By methodically reviewing a completed project and identifying the performance of key areas, teams learn what to do--and what not to do--in the next project. Use theis template for your core team's review.

Cost Estimating Procedure Form


Construction projects are notoriously complicated. Estimating construction costs is even more complicated. Before you turn to the deck of tarot cards or start reading tea leaves to put together your next cost estimate, check out this cost estimating procedure form to base your estimates solidly in reality.

Counter-Resistance Communication Planner

by Joe Wynne

This template is designed to assist the project manager with planning to react constructively to workforce resistance due to organizational change, especially when the project is supporting the organizational change.

Critical Supervisory Interactions

by Joe Wynne

This presentation has been designed to proactively reduce ineffective supervisory actions that have been identified as critical to employee satisfaction and workforce performance. It clarifies the role of the supervisor in implementing effective strategies to handle employee performance and behavior problems, both major and minor. If supervisory competency in these areas is inadequate, this presentation can be delivered in the Activation Phase of the project.


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