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Exam Flashcards

PREMIUM presentation
by Jonathan Donado

What's an Affinity Diagram? What about Corrective Action, Decision Tree Analysis, EMV, Rolling Wave Planning and S-Curve Analysis? Use these 518 slides to help you understand important PMP® exam terms.

Executive Internet Panel Study on the Role of Knowledge Management

PREMIUM presentation

Is knowledge management a strategic priority at your company? This interesting presentation summarizing the results of an actual executive Internet study panel will give you an idea just how your company's KM approach stacks up to those of other companies.

Expedited Intranet Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Are you putting together an intranet in a hurry? Haste doesn't have to make waste. Use this Microsoft Project plan to help you get your intranet act together quickly.

Experiences with Agile Scaling Frameworks

PREMIUM presentation
by Rahul Sudame, YeYoon Kim

Multiple Agile scaling frameworks are being developed and presented now-a-days to handle enterprise wide Agile adoption. In this context, this session would present speaker’s experiences on implementing different Agile scaling frameworks and lessons learned through these adoptions.

Exponential Leadership

PREMIUM presentation
by Mithun A. Sridharan

Exponential leaders create environments that encourage creativity, collaboration, and personal growth, recognizing that it's the collective intelligence and creativity of their teams that drive innovation and success in our ever-evolving world. Such leaders anticipate trends and position their organizations or teams for exponential growth, challenging the status quo to create a future marked by adaptability, innovation, and positive societal impact.

External Risk Checklist

PREMIUM deliverable
by Andy Jordan

When an organization undertakes a major initiative, there is potential for many different factors to influence the project. This checklist identifies categories of risk that exist external to the organization that may impact its ability to successfully deliver the project.

Extranet Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Here is an example of a complete web site development project plan, from Requirements Planning (Discovery) through Deployment.

ezEVA Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Andrew Makar, PMP

The ezEVA template is a historical earned value tracking tool used to measure current progress and forecast future project performance. Use this in tandem with our EVA series of articles.


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