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Project Closeout Survey Template

by Mike Tressler, MBA, PMP

What is the most neglected phase of a project? Get help with your closeout survey using this template in combination with one of the many online survey tools available. The survey is easy to implement, repeatable, customizable, anonymous and valuable for getting better at what we do.

Project Closure Form

by Waran Manosuthi

This project closure form includes sections for Document Approval, General Information, Project Performance, Measurement of Project Success, Lessons Learned, Administrative Closure, Contract Closure, Information Distribution & Archive and an Appendix.

Project Closure Report

by Andy Jordan

Projects don’t close themselves--they need to be formally closed off, and this template provides a structure to record the most common project closure elements. This should provide a foundation that you can build upon.

Project Commitments Agreement Form


Sometimes you can't do it on your own. You need a little help from your friends. The same thing applies to projects. Sometimes you need outside resources to get something done. Use this form when you need to go outside of your project team for what you need.

Project Communications Crash Course


Countless project managers have uttered the famous movie line, "What we have here is a failure to communicate." All your hard work, gathered data, clearly defined activities and estimates will mean absolutely nothing if they do not communicate the right information to the right people at the right time. This project communications crash course will help you and your project team to communicate more clearly.

Project Communications Monitor

by Joe Wynne

This template is designed to assist the project manager with identifying problems with routine project communications during the Control Stage before the problems affect the project objectives.

Project Completion Report


The project is over, and you learned a lot--perhaps the hard way. Catalog the experience with this review and improve the chances that future projects will go well.

Project Conflict Resolution Procedures

by Joe Wynne

This template is designed to assist the project manager to attain higher workforce performance by reducing problems associated with inadequate or unconstructive responses to conflict in the workplace.

Project Cost Control Tool

by Brice Cothenet

This template allows you to access the main data you need to monitor for a relevant view of your project cost, all in one table: budget (at completion), actual cost, estimate to complete and estimate at completion. It automatically draws the appropriate curve.


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