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Application Maintenance Manual

PREMIUM deliverable

The Application Maintenance Manual presents information on your system and describes the programs in technical detail to assist the maintenance programmer. It is written for personnel who are responsible for the maintenance of the system and who need to understand the operating environment, security and control requirements.

Workloads (Actual vs. Forecast)

PREMIUM deliverable

This quick summary-level template helps you keep track of project status by department. It’s very useful as a leave behind for meetings with executive sponsors.

Documentation Summary


The Documentation Summary is aimed at providing a comprehensive collection of documentation materials relevant to the project. This document briefly describes each document in the collection and helps you quickly find the information you want to read.

Return to Project Manager (RPM) Planning Stage Organizer

by Joe Wynne

This template is designed to assist the project manager to improve the value of the project workforce (the "Return to Project Manager") by reducing costs and increasing factors that increase the value of the workforce. The tasks generated using this organizer are to be used in the Planning stage of the project.

Project HEADWAY Post-Implementation Review


When a project is complete, it can be very useful to revisit the project in its entirety to understand if it actually met the original goals and objectives that it was initiated to do. The post-implementation review template provides a direction and focus for the project manager or anyone else leading the review through an organized process.

Project HEADWAY Project Issues Identification Form


On any projects, issues can arise that have the potential to impact the risk level of the project and/or reduce the overall productivity of the project team. The Issues Identification Form allows the project manager to identify and define issues as they occur on the project ensuring they are managed for the benefit of the project.

Project HEADWAY Project Status Report

by Interthink

The purpose of a status report is to provide the project sponsor, the steering committee and other stakeholders with an understanding of how the project is progressing. The status report template allows the project manger to provide the audience members with a high-level view of the project. The template provides them with enough information in order to for them to understand project progress whilst not so much information as to overwhelm them.

Project HEADWAY Change Request

PREMIUM deliverable

The change request document is intended to provide the project manager with an all-encompassing, organized view of requested changes to the project. The project manager can ensure that the information required to make a change on the project is complete and consistent enough to make a reasoned decision.

RACI Matrix


Defining roles and responsibilities is an early and extremely important step in project success. This matrix will keep roles straight while aligning with your overall project plan.


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