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Drunken PM

by Dave Prior

Drunken Boxing for Project Managers “The main feature of the drunkard boxing is to hide combative hits in drunkard-like, unsteady movements and actions so as to confuse the opponent. The secret of this style of boxing is maintaining a clear mind while giving a drunken appearance.” Yeah... just like that… but with network diagrams and burndown charts… and a wee bit less vodka.

Best Practice


Best practices are documented processes, actions, or tasks that have been shown to produce superior results; selected by a systematic process; and judged as exemplary, good, or successfully demonstrated”.

Organizational Readiness Assessment


This technique analyzes the established culture and the indicators of how ready an organization is for radical changes in the way it does business, now and in the future. An Organizational Readiness Assessment is performed as part of an evaluation of the social systems for the enterprise. (The social systems are the structure to motivate, pay, and drive people to perform a process.) This excludes the technical systems.

Blogging Best Practices (on gantthead)


Blogging on gantthead can be a great way to get your ideas out to your peers. Postings are widely read and often find their way onto the gantthead home page.

Interface Control Document (ICD)


Interface Control Document (ICD) is a document that describes the interface(s) to a system or subsystem. It may describe the inputs and outputs of a single system or the interface between two systems or subsystems. It can be very detailed or pretty high level, but the point is to describe all inputs to and outputs from a system.

Master-Master Contract Mode


One of the most important aspects that decide the success or failure of any project is the nature of relationship that develops between the Client and the Contractor. In office environments which are increasingly becoming paperless, the importance of personal relationships cannot be over emphasised. It is an absolute must within a company but equal...

Cryptographic Hash Function


A hash function is an algorithm that turns a string (for example, a typed sentence) into a unique, fixed length string of characters that the computer understands as the same thing. So the output just looks like a jumble of letters and numbers to the human eye, but in that form a computer can then process and work with the information more efficiently. The fixed length string is sometimes called a message digest or digital fingerprint.

Eye on the Workforce

by Joe Wynne

Workforce management is a key part of project success, but project managers often find it difficult to get trustworthy information on what really works. From interpersonal interactions to big workforce issues we'll look the latest research and proven techniques to find the most effective solutions for your projects.


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