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Strategic Initiatives - Key Learnings for the Pharmaceutical Industry

by Gregory Githens
July 21, 2011 | 62:19 | Views: 1,294 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.23 / 5

This webinar provides some of the “greatest hits” of the key learnings as captured by 2 members of a large pharma/medical products company. You will learn: - What is a strategic initiative and what are the success factors? - How can you sell a vision? - What are some tips for making faster and better decisions? - Why program management is not project management on steroids - How leaders work with ambiguity and conflict

Portfolio HEADWAY: Owning Other Peoples' Choices: Prioritization And Selection of Projects

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP
July 19, 2011 | 59:12 | Views: 792 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.95 / 5

Prioritization of projects involves making competing decisions. Sometimes the competition is between projects. At other times, the competition is between departments and business units. The decisions we make are based upon different projects, to accomplish different outcomes, by different areas of the organization. We aren't comparing apples and oranges; at times, we are comparing kumquats and bathroom tissue.

Your Brain on Graphics

by Connie Malamed
June 29, 2011 | 54:28 | Views: 1,944 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.32 / 5

This webinar is for people who design or develop eLearning courses or stand-up with slides and deliver content. It explains some of the principles from Connie's book, Visual Language for Designers: Principles for Creating Graphics that People Understand

Developing and Commercializing Biologics in Emerging Markets

by Michael Blank
June 28, 2011 | 45:40 | Views: 400 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.24 / 5

The development and commercialization of immune-modulating biologics present unique challenges for global launches. This is especially true in emerging markets where experience with these agents may be limited. While use of similar agents already may be present in a given country or region, often a lack of internal company expertise can hamper the rapidity and efficiency of bringing biologics to the market. An apparent hesitancy to move into emerging markets on the part of the project team can be perceived locally as mistrust. This sense of mistrust is compounded by cultural differences. This talk will outline the challenges faced by project teams in launching these unique molecules into new markets and will give practical advice on how to anticipate these potential rifts and guide teams to overcome the obstacles encountered.

An Introduction to Schedule Risk Analysis

by David Hulett
June 27, 2011 | 45:45 | Views: 2,291 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.26 / 5

They will discover the principles of project schedule risk analysis based on Monte Carlo simulation, beginning with 3-point estimates of duration and simple one-path schedules and progressing to more advanced techniques (e.g., correlation and probabilistic branching). We will also touch on the issues and techniques for collecting high-quality quantitative schedule risk analysis data

Past Performance Should Ensure Future Success

by Stephan Ahlquist
June 23, 2011 | 45:03 | Views: 1,707 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.82 / 5

With today’s challenging economic environment and ever more competitive business landscape, it is increasingly important that we make the right choices regarding where to invest our project dollars to maximize the benefits realized from those investments. By following a structured approach to project portfolio management, we can ensure that we are spending our project dollars on the right activities and caring appropriately for those investments.

The New Prosperity: Planet, People, Profit

by Heidi Spinella
June 23, 2011 | 58:41 | Views: 553 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.08 / 5

In this presentation you will learn how to: - How Project Managers Can Participate - Make the business case for sustainability.- Leverage best in class sustainability examples.- Integrate sustainability into PMI’s 9 knowledge areas.- Engage stakeholders with interests versus positions. - Identify cost saving opportunities with The Natural Step Framework.

Project HEADWAY: Scheduling: What Comes First?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP
June 21, 2011 | 45:21 | Views: 1,039 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.89 / 5

Alot of project management is wrapped up in the idea of scheduling. Many project management software packages put the management of schedule front and centre; for some, it's all they really actually provide support for managing. Project management courses emphasize the ideas of managing the critical path, building Gantt charts and analyzing PERT networks. Much stress is created about project schedules, milestones, dependencies and deadlines.

Agile Requirements – Breaking Down Epics and Prioritizing

by Sally Elatta
May 31, 2011 | 45:20 | Views: 1,643 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.36 / 5

We will discuss 4 techniques for slicing EPICs into smaller deliverables and also share how you can use Business Value Points for prioritizing features. Whether you’re doing Agile or not, you will absolutely walk away with tips to help you improve your current requirements approach


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