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Kanban, Can-Do

by Bob Tarne, PMP

Kanban is gaining popularity in project management circles as more teams relate to its principles of visualizing workflow, limiting work in progress and balancing demand. Here, a self-described “pragmatic Agilist” explains what drew him to Kanban, where it delivers benefits, and how it differs from other agile methods.

Kanban, WIP and Happy Stakeholders

by Bart Gerardi

A Kanban-based approach to sprint planning can produce a number of benefits, particularly when it comes to limiting work in progress. Through mechanisms that uncover impediments and prioritize items, Kanban can help to create more productive sprints, more engaged teams and more satisfied stakeholders.

Katrina Revisited (Part 1)

by Bob Weinstein

The Hurricane Katrina problems cited by project managers and engineers have barely been solved. New evidence has surfaced that proves that a great deal of the destruction that Katrina wrought could have been minimized, or even avoided--and more importantly, it could be used to prevent another disaster.

Katrina Revisited (Part 2)

by Bob Weinstein

As our series continues, we find out how Bejan’s constructal law could have been applied during Katrina, and learn insights from a veteran crisis manager on the scene evacuating New Orleans’ residents.

Katrina Revisited (Part 3)

by Bob Weinstein

As our series concludes, we find out why it took so long for aid to be dispatched to New Orleans and how crisis management procedures have been improved.

Keep a Lid on It

by Jim Harris

If there's one thing that can send a project downhill fast, it's cost overflow. No one wants it, but it happens nonetheless. Here are some thoughts on what causes it and how you can avoid it.

Keep An Eye On ITIL

by Lori MacDonald

Building a bridge between the business mission and technology is at the heart of the ITIL framework, which is ubiquitous in much of Europe. With a revised version released in May, more U.S. organizations are taking a closer look to determine where the process improvement model might improve their IT efforts. Here’s an overview of ITIL and recommendations for getting started.

Keep Calm and Carry On

by Andy Jordan

There will be times when you are dealing with an extremely stressed team, working long hours under a deluge of urgent deadlines and pressure. How you handle these situations, from acting as a buffer to conveying confidence, will have a huge impact on the outcome.

Keep Clicking It...

by Sunil Sharma

In the second installment in this look at effective search engine strategies, we empty our pocketbooks in our quest to get listed.

Keep Dreaming

by Donna Boyette

If you think gathering project requirements is easy, wake up and smell the coffee. Figuring out what your client really needs can be a nightmare, but with the right tools and know-how, you could make your client's dreams come true.


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