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Partisan Politics in Agile Projects

by Don Kim

If you’ve ever been involved in a highly visible project in which major stakeholders are jockeying to position themselves to impose their own agenda, then you would have experienced project partisan politics. And If you are a ScrumMaster on an agile project, there isn't a more important impediment to get out of the way.

Parts on the Garage Floor

by Clinton Keith

On any project, making decisions too early is a source of many costly mistakes in the name of reducing risk or uncertainty. But in game development, planning in isolation or too far ahead can narrow options and increase costs. In contrast, scrum practices require designers to collaborate face-to-face on small, cross-discipline teams, facilitating better solutions in less time.

Planning and Managing Development Projects: The Hybrid Way

by Michael Wood

The risk we take in swearing allegiance to a specific approach is that following the approach often becomes more important than achieving the goal of the project. Let’s explore the merits of using the best of different approaches—and how marrying them into a hybrid model impacts the way projects are planned and managed.

Planning and Managing Development Projects: The Hybrid Way (Korean Translation)

by Michael Wood

특정 접근 방식에 충성을 맹세하는 데 따르는 위험은 프로젝트의 목표를 달성하는 것보다 접근 방식을 따르는 것이 더 중요해진다는 것입니다. 서로 다른 접근법을 최대한 활용하는 장점과 하이브리드 모델과의 결합이 프로젝트 계획 및 관리 방식에 어떻게 영향을 미치는지 살펴 보겠습니다.

PMBOK vs. Scrum: The Eternal Philosophical Debate

by Don Kim

Understanding philosophical foundations are required for success in managing projects in the “real world”. That will allow you to better pick and choose which methodology (essentially a philosophical framework) to adopt--not adopt or mix and match to achieve project success.

PMOs, PMBOKers and Agilistas

by Janis Rizzuto

Applying 30 years of domestic and international experience in IT from both the customer and provider side, Mark Perry has spent the past decade focused on developing and supporting project management offices. Here, the founder of BOT International and director of PMO Services for gantthead shares his perspective on PMOs and Scrum.

Procurement Management Done Agile (Part 2)

by Don Kim

A new agile procurement process--one that can operate in conjunction with and alongside an agile software development methodology--should significantly improve both the procurement of software vendor’s services and and successful delivery of software projects. This article will explore the underlying principles as well as map the reconciliation points required to harmonize agile development and procurement methods.

Productivity Beyond Prioritization

by Pang De Xian

Faced with overwhelming workloads, we are often advised to “prioritize,” as if that is some sort of magical spell. We need to look beyond prioritization. Here are some useful tools and techniques that can be applied by individuals as well as teams to increase productivity.

Project Manager vs. ScrumMaster

by Andy Jordan

How do these two roles stack up against one another? Can a project manager adapt to being a ScrumMaster? Given the opportunity and environment, people can be successful in a number of different roles--provided that there is some degree of connection.

Project Managers Still Don't 'Get' Agile

by Anthony Mersino, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, PSPO

If you are a traditional project manager practicing agile methods, chances are you don’t really “get” it. Nothing has been worse for the understanding and proper application of agile approaches in organizations today than the flawed thinking and actions of well-meaning middle managers and project managers.



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