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Personal PM in Action: Building a House with Asana

by Andrew Makar, PMP

As project managers, we often reinforce the importance of proper PM in our professional projects. However, when it comes to our personal projects, do you apply the project management mindset and tools? One writer has found project management useful for a few significant personal projects.

Personal Project Workflow

by Andrew Makar, PMP

If you’ve developed any training material for your projects, then you’ve familiar with process flow charts and supporting tasks. In IT projects, there is usually an operational process or workflow that the end users follows to put the IT solution into action. Even though workflow is associated with recurring operational tasks, they can be applied to professional and personal projects. Here, one writer looks at a free offering that might make your personal PM run a lot smoother.

Practical Project Control Cadence

by Dr. Andrew Makar, DMIT, PMP

It's important to clarify the purpose and status reporting expectations early in the project. Here, we share a sample integration management cadence for a large project or program that effectively balances the time with the administrative overhead.

Project Checkmate: A Tip from the Game of Kings

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

Just like the rulebook for chess, planning and preparation are important--but activation and execution requires a different view. Managing your project through the execution phase is a game of skill and experience, but if you take a tip from the chess masters there is a way to give yourself an advantage.

Project Closure: Party or Post-Mortem?

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Whether the end of the project is a celebration or a time for tears, it is important to take the time to properly close the project. While there are some subtle differences in closing a project with a party or a wake, a carefully defined checklist will help with either ending to the project.

Project Glue

by Andy Jordan

Integration management is the glue of your project, making sure that all of your work connects. It has two key elements--the project plan and change control. Is your glue strong enough?

Project Integration in a Telecommunications Environment

by Pius Anton Christopher

"This article looks into practical integration situations in telecommunication projects and the strategies developed for overcoming them. It will also offer hindsight into various types of telecommunication projects with both fixed and mobile operators. "

Project Management: Lingua Franca or Tower of Babel?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Project management is becoming recognized on an international scale. In support of this, there are a number of efforts underway to promote a global view of how we think about, discuss and practice project management. But to what extent is project management a universal language? To what extent can it be? Or are we all simply sowing confusion as we use the same words to mean very different things?

Project Planning for Beginners

by Andy Jordan

The good project manager involves their team in project planning...the great one teaches them how.


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