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4 Ways Your PM Career Sustainability Can Go Wrong

by Lonnie Pacelli

When it comes to the four sustainability drivers for our careers—skills, lifestyle, relationships and stewardship—we need to make each a priority. Here's what can happen when you don't.

7 Tips for Better 360-Feedback Evaluations

by Lonnie Pacelli

Anyone in a leadership position should go through a 360-feedback experience. While it can be brutal, it can also be an outstanding catalyst for growth. But there should be some key criteria in place to get the most out of the experience.

5 Steps to Help You Retreat From Stress

by Lonnie Pacelli

Everyone needs rest. If you buy into the concept that rest is a retreat from stress, here are some tangible things you can do to better ensure you’re getting the rest your mind and body need.

8 Skills PMs Must Develop to Embrace Innovation

by Antonio Nieto

As our field evolves and integrates with innovation, project managers must adapt by developing a new set of skills. Here we look at strategies for effectively integrating innovation within project management—and how we can close the PM/innovation gap.

The Plate-Spinning PM: 7 Tips to Manage Multiple Projects

by Lonnie Pacelli

How many projects are reasonable for a PM to manage? Before your plates come crashing down, read these tips on how to manage multiple projects, right-size your focus on each—and raise the flag when it’s too much.

Leave the Negativity Out

by Andy Jordan

Not every position or every project provides a positive experience. But be careful how you present those experiences when interviewing for a new job, as negativity damages credibility and masks all of the other strengths and advantages that you might have.

3 Ideas to Avoid Needing International Women's Day Next Year

by Johanna Rothman

While this PM wishes we didn’t need International Women’s Day, she's glad we have an opportunity to assess where we are. The world has changed—in many good ways—since she started her career journey...but we still have work to do.

5 Reflections on Women in Project Management

by Yasmina Khelifi

International Women's Day empowers many women to speak up and exchange stories and ideas. But our efforts must last 365 days. A practitioner with decades of experience shares observations on her journey.


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