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12 Ways to Develop a Top Strategic Consultant Mindset

by Antonio Nieto

Modern PMs can learn and apply these techniques to enhance performance and drive successful outcomes. This article explores six essential techniques and six accompanying critical aspects to help you excel with your projects.

A Closer Look at Enablers of Greater Project Performance

by Lonnie Pacelli

Enablers are there to help PMs be more successful, which is a good thing. But for whatever skill you’re trying to build, there should not only be a clear reason it’s important, but also a near-term opportunity to use it.

Mentoring Matters...a Lot

by Steve Pollock, Daro Mott, Julia Smith, Brian Lightsy

An effective way to be a better project leader is to partner with a thriving project leader. In this article, three experienced program managers share their approaches with mentoring and their emphasis on why it matters...a lot.

6 Predictions for the Future of Project Consulting

by Andy Jordan

Consulting is a nuanced discipline, especially in project environments. And it's going to change...but how? This practitioner looks into his crystal ball and offers six predictions.

Pit Happens: 7 Ways to Navigate Out of Project Despair

by Lonnie Pacelli

You can’t completely avoid pits of despair when projects start to go south, but you can control how you manage through them. Ensure you are the one steady at the stick so you can help everyone navigate through the pit with these tips.

How’s Your Customer Service?

by Andy Jordan

Project managers need a lot of diverse skills to succeed. Is customer service one of them? If we apply customer service principles to the idea of stakeholder management, it’s fairly easy to identify ways in which the PM can contribute to success.

9 Tips to Be a Better Article Writer

by Lonnie Pacelli

Getting your point across in an engaging and informative way helps your readers grow and benefit from your wisdom. Consider these nine tips to help you be more efficient and effective as a writer.

What Makes a Successful Consultant?

by Andy Jordan

There are a lot of consultants operating in the project space, but they aren’t all of equal quality. What sets the good ones apart? Here are four qualities you must embrace to excel—and have longevity.

Career Crossroads: What Can PMs Do When They Max Out Opportunities?

by Andy Jordan

Many PMs reach a point where there aren’t any more options to take on larger projects without making a significant shift—potentially an industry change. Regardless of where you currently are in your PM journey, consider the options that might be available to you next.


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