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Can Agile Drive Sustainability?

by Andy Jordan

Agile approaches often have greater engagement levels between stakeholders. While those conversations generally focus on the deliverables and how they meet the customer’s needs, can they also drive sustainability best practices?

Can We Relate? Connecting Superior Service to Superior Staff

by Mike Donoghue

Customer service, in all its capacities, begins at the staff level. However, it should not be considered a personal responsibility or even one simply defined within specific occupational roles; instead, it needs to be integrated as part of the daily activities of an organization and incorporated into the very being of its operation.

Cap the Project Blame: The Shared Responsibility Approach

by Craig Curran-Morton

Are you operating in a blame environment? Your project may be at risk. In this article, we examine the concept of shared responsibility and identify some steps you can take to start moving your stakeholders in a positive direction.

Caution: Phase-Shifting!

by Barry Otterholt

When project milestones are being met, but related work is being pushed aside, you have a case of phase-shifting. A crash is around the bend. Here’s how it happens and how to avoid it.

Chain Reaction

by Karen Klein

Projects inherently involve all kinds of uncertainty. They lack accurate information. And they’re full of wrong thinking. Getting those realities understood up front, and learning how to best cope with them, is at the heart of the project management methodology called “critical chain.” Here, leading practitioners of the technique share their insights from the field.

Challenges with DevOps Projects

by Rajakumar Ramakrishnan

When the business environment demands quicker turnaround time for business needs, approaches like DevOps help organizations meet them. At the same time, it also introduces additional challenges to project managers. In this article, we discuss what DevOps are--and the additional challenges that need to be handled by PMs when they adopt them in their projects.

Change Agent: Bob Kerner, New York Stock Exchange Euronext

This article features the senior vice president and chief digital officer at New York Stock Exchange Euronext (New York, NY, USA) discussing how his company made agile methodologies the centerpiece of a plan to increase transparency and get the organization's IT projects on track. In doing so, it identifies the business value agile brings to the organization. It also describes the challenges when shifting to agile and how buy-in was gained. The article also discusses securing stakeholder support. It concludes by offering advice to organizations implementing agile.

Change for the Better

by Tom Keenze

When the U.S. military wants to turn civilians into soldiers, it breaks them down and rebuilds them. The same goes for your organization. Major change requires equal parts preparation, execution and follow-up.

Change Management Principles for Program Success

by Gary Hamilton

When introducing program management to an organization, there are some key points that should be kept in mind. To this end, there are three key program areas in which change management principles need to be applied to allow the program the best chance of success.

Change Management: A Contractor's Tool for Project Handover

by Fabio Teixeira de Melo

Handing over an industrial plant from the contractor to the owner is an important process that should be thoroughly planned by both parties. But sometimes, the handover process becomes more complicated as it unfolds. Can change management help?


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