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Ready Your Team for the Digital Future's Delivery Environment

by Joe Wynne

Whether you are managing multiple short automation projects or massive application portfolio streamlining initiatives, you must make sure your team is ready for the specific delivery environment. There are tactics suited for various environments, but also tactics you can use universally.

Recipe for Product Innovation

by Andrew Dolvig

Changing an iconic product can be perilous. Think New Coke. But sometimes change is necessary. From assessing the business case to implementation, here is a look at how a manufacturing giant used a fundamental project management approach to minimize risk when it sought to modify its most popular products.

Redefining PM Innovation

by Michael Wood

Do innovations in project management require more high-tech tools, more cloud computing or more complicated frameworks? Or could it be that the true innovations in improving the way projects are evaluated, pursued and deployed are found in tried-and-true approaches that have served other disciplines so well?

Resources for Managing Through Crisis & Disruption

by Cameron McGaughy

With the global impact of COVID-19, PMI and would like to share resources that can assist you and your organizations manage through disruption, including leading (and working in) remote teams, managing risk, and more.

Responsible Innovation: Two Pillars

by Hemant Taneja

The world needs organizations that develop technology and create products that don’t harm their stakeholders, intentionally or not. Here are two fundamental pillars to build a responsible innovation culture upon.

Rethinking Project Management: From Best Practices to Next Practices

by Velimir Tasic

Doing better relates to best practices; however, over the last decade, doing differently has become a norm. The rate of change is as fast as we continually exchange ideas, and thus we have to embrace a new paradigm and utilize next practices.

Revisiting the 8 I's of Infinite Innovation

by Braden Kelley

The distinction between "useful" and "valuable" is one that you must seek to understand. By turning this into a lens through which you can look at the potential of your innovation investment opportunities, the higher the return you will have from your innovation portfolio.

Revisiting the PM Future

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

Nearly a decade ago, this practitioner examined the proposition that if we want to understand what project management’s future might look like, a good place to start is to look at how people in the past envisioned the future. Is that proposition still valid?

Right-Brain PM

by Projects@Work

Two brains (or at least two sides) are better than one, according to project management trainer, author and award-winning engineer Michael Aucoin, who believes the best way to conquer the complex challenges of contemporary projects is to complement logical "left-brain" functions with adaptive, intuitive "right-brain" approaches.

Risk, Innovation and Cobb’s Paradox

by David Hillson

Starting with the expectation that all projects should succeed is misguided because it hinders risk-taking and creativity. True innovation is built first on failure. Still, risk management has an important role to play in every project.


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