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Paperless Projects

by Elizabeth Harrin

Everyone’s talking about going green, but many organizations are getting bogged down in how and where to start. When it comes to the document-laden world of project management, going paperless is a modest but important first step. It not only helps the environment, it can be more cost-effective and save you time.

Piggyback Your Idea

by Linda Rising and Mary Lynn Manns

When faced with procedural obstacles to introduce a new idea, change champions should look for a way to piggyback on well-accepted practices in the organization. If you can “market” a new idea as an add-on or a small improvement to an established practice, you are likely to meet less resistance.

PM History Lessons: The Jeep

by Paul Bruno

In the summer of 1940, with Germany winning the war in Europe and Japan rising in Asia, the U.S. Army initiated a procurement of a revolutionary vehicle prototype that would help win World War II and endure for 70 years — a project which has lessons to teach us today.

PM Space Invaders

by Ty Kiisel

Gamification of project management practices can potentially do two things better than traditional approaches: engage teams by making tasks fun and improve performance by recognizing achievement on a regular basis. Skeptics abound, but shouldn’t we embrace gaming tactics that work? It's not such an alien concept anymore.

PMO for Emerging Technologies

by Kevin Coleman

There are many emerging technologies that will generate a number of programs and projects in the next few years. Read about three of the top emerging technologies that are likely to find their way into many projects—and thus impact PMOs.

PMs and Disruptive Technology: Do You Know Enough?

by Andy Jordan

Disruptive technology is more than just one of the latest buzzword terms, it’s something that will change project management. Are we returning to project managers who have to be IT experts?

Portfolio Management and Decision Making (Webinar Transcript - Korean Translation)

by Frank Harris

포트폴리오 관리는 개별 플랫폼 의사 결정에서 전체 포트폴리오 분석 및 비즈니스 전략 개발에 이르는 리소스 할당에 영향을 미칠 수 있습니다. 최고의 기업의 포트폴리오 관리는 NPD 프로세스와 경영진 간의 긴밀한 연결 고리입니다. 초기 개발 단계에서도 훌륭한 포트폴리오 의사 결정 프로세스를 통해 마케팅, 연구 및 개발 및 전반적인 팀 포커스에서 NPD 우수성을 인정 받았습니다. 다음과 같은 일반적인 질문에 대한 이해를 얻으십시오 : 포트폴리오 및 플랫폼 관리 시스템은 의사 결정을 어떻게 개선합니까? 포트폴리오 관리의 주요 원칙을 설명하십시오. 포트폴리오 관리 원칙을 사용하여 기업이 추적하는 공통 변수는 무엇입니까?

Powering The Project Economy™

by PMI

Drive Success in a World of Change: The Project Economy is one in which people have the skills and capabilities they need to turn ideas into reality. It is where organizations deliver value to stakeholders through successful completion of projects, delivery of products, and alignment to value streams. And all of these initiatives deliver financial and societal value.

PPM to Play Key Role in the Cloud

by ProjectsAtWork

By adopting PPM solutions, organizations will be positioned to manage successful cloud initiatives, increase business agility and innovation, and provide visibility and control over their cloud services portfolio, a global survey concludes.


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