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Can Companies Ever Save Money by Eliminating a PM?

by Andy Jordan

In an effort to reduce costs—and citing technology that can supposedly automate and streamline some tasks—companies might be convinced they can eliminate one or more project manager positions. Here's why that is a horrible idea.

AI in Project Management: Best Practices From Our Project

by Marly Nilsson

PMI Sweden led an extraordinary exploration of artificial intelligence and its impact on project professionals, resulting in multiple reports, webinars, articles and more. Here, read about key success factors that can inspire you to pursue your own dream projects.

Learned Helplessness and Lost Value

by Joseph Russell

Failing to keep employees engaged at work causes long-lasting heartache for HR, supervisors, and senior executives. And it’s detrimental to the growth of any organization’s most precious resource: its people. Here are some solutions to try.

5 Emotional Intelligence Tenets to Elevate Your Leadership

by Vikram Srivastava

How can one influence without authority? The answer lies in the confines of emotional intelligence. This practitioner has followed five golden EI rules that have been instrumental in his growth as a leader. How many do you possess?

Preparing for a Hybrid Approach

by Joe Wynne

A hybrid approach can be confusing at first, but understanding its components and then taking time to work with stakeholders to collect information and anticipate approach weaknesses are key to being a successful leader.

Essential Traits of Exceptional Teams

by Michael Wood

High-performing teams are composed of individuals who possess excellent skills and experience and have a shared commitment to achieving success. Here we look at some of the traits essential to these teams. How many does your team possess?

4 Ways to Unblock Project Dependencies

by Bart Gerardi

It’s rare to complete a project of any meaningful size without taking dependencies on other teams. Here we look at the path project managers should follow when attempting to unblock a project faced with uncertain dependencies.

A Closer Look at Enablers of Greater Project Performance

by Lonnie Pacelli

Enablers are there to help PMs be more successful, which is a good thing. But for whatever skill you’re trying to build, there should not only be a clear reason it’s important, but also a near-term opportunity to use it.

Mentoring Matters...a Lot

by Steve Pollock, Daro Mott, Julia Smith, Brian Lightsy

An effective way to be a better project leader is to partner with a thriving project leader. In this article, three experienced program managers share their approaches with mentoring and their emphasis on why it matters...a lot.

Pit Happens: 7 Ways to Navigate Out of Project Despair

by Lonnie Pacelli

You can’t completely avoid pits of despair when projects start to go south, but you can control how you manage through them. Ensure you are the one steady at the stick so you can help everyone navigate through the pit with these tips.


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