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Happy Endings

by Janis Rizzuto

Whether your project was a walk in the park or a tumultuous journey, it deserves a good ending.

Help With Sunsetting Software

by Sandhya Gupta

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into defining and completing an end-of-life cycle for every software product. It also requires a skilled program/project manager. Here are some recommendations to help facilitate this process.

Here Come the Clouds

by David Lipien

Cloud delivery projects are a culmination of people, process and technology, but project management fundamentals still apply and there is work to be done. Here we give delivery management professionals some base foundation knowledge regarding the Cloud, why these projects are different as well as some of the skills and capabilities to focus on.

Here Comes Microservices

Jinesh Parekh

Microservices is an emerging approach to software development that breaks down complex applications into smaller components or processes. It embraces DevOps, complements agile, and can provide better scalability and resilience, among other benefits. But it also requires significant organizational change, and it isn’t a silver bullet; in fact, it can make a mess. Is it for you?

Here’s the 411: Old School Still Rulz ;-)

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

With so many ways for project teams to collaborate and chat, why is it still so hard to communicate? YMMV, but if you're SITD, read on for help...

Here's the Hub

by Dennis Smith

In high-performance organizations, a critical role is that of the hub -- an informal leader who connects the spokes of the project, from facilitating information-sharing, solving problems and working with resource pools and clients, to providing support to the project team.

Hindsight Is 50/50

by Bart Gerardi

Do team members and executives in your organization see retrospectives as a waste of time and expense? If so, maybe your retrospectives aren’t providing the value they should, from establishing a culture of team learning and stressing continual improvement, to tracking metrics and celebrating successes.

Hip Deep: A Look at Electronics Recovery

by Mike Donoghue

Coupled with the heightened awareness of environmental issues of discarded electronics, material consumption and its association with material availability has also triggered concern. Before you take out the trash again, here's some spoiled food for thought.

Holiday Hiccup

by Andy Jordan

Think you're having a rough project? Maybe you should put yourselves in Santa's sizable shoes...he's not having a happy holiday season so far. Maybe his elves--or someone else (cough*you*cough)--can come to the rescue.

How Dewey Build a Library? (Part 1)

by Rob Saxon

In this two-part series, we will explore the challenges of gathering, sorting, indexing, managing, transferring and making productive use of knowledge. We will focus a lens on methods for each of these activities, and examine how we as PMs can successfully leverage knowledge management and transfer to deliver successful projects. Part 1 will focus on collecting, sorting and indexing data into manageable knowledge.


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