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Is Your Employer Ready for the Future of Work?

by Andy Jordan

Adopting and evolving a hybrid work model as soon as possible will allow PMs and teams to become comfortable, and for organizational best practices to be developed. But how many organizations are ready for all these changes?

We Need to Get Past the IT-centric PMO

by Andy Jordan

For many organizations, PMOs are still inevitably viewed as an IT-aligned function. That needs to change. When a company's only PMO is within IT, there is never going to be sufficient visibility to ensure that the net value delivery is positive.

Why Do We Need All This AI?

by Andy Jordan

Is technology now reaching the point where it is advancing for the sake of it, not because anyone actually needs it? Are the organizations that are buying artificial intelligence tools actually going to use them the right way?

Farewell to Standard Approaches?

by Andy Jordan

Hybrid isn’t coming, it’s already here. And the reason that it is becoming so popular is obvious: It works. That means that organizations must not only embrace the concept, they must ensure that their project delivery environments allow it to be used.

Topic Teasers Vol. 168: High Performance Through Holacracy?

by Barbee Davis, MA, PHR, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA

Question: I just heard of a new way to set up management of an organization: holacracy. Is this a tested system? Does it work? My sense is that it means to do away with traditional management as we know it and turn everything over to the employees. Any firm knowledge of it being tried—and being an advantage to an organization?

In Pursuit of Better Decisions

by Andy Jordan

Organizations are always looking to improve strategic decision-making, but that can be a very difficult thing to achieve. However, there are ways to gain an advantage—and recognizing that decision-making is a team sport is one of them.

The Project Manifesto: 12 Guiding Principles of the Project Economy

by Antonio Nieto

The Project Economy needs a manifesto. Antonio Nieto establishes 12 guiding principles to revolutionize project management and implementation practices. These principles seek to make project management more accessible, understandable, and applicable to experts and non-experts alike.

Working With the Operating Business: Friend or Foe?

by Paul Bird

How a project works with an operating business varies. It can be extensive, minimal, successful...or not. Here we look at typical considerations when working with an operating business—and some tips for success.


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