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Generating More Green through Green

by Andy Jordan

Sustainability and green considerations are no longer “nice to haves”, they are critical drivers of organizational success. Here we explore how sustainability is driving organizational strategy and consider how that will increasingly drive changes in the way that projects are executed.

Getting Out of the Way of Your Own Biases

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

If you know you have biases in how you make decisions, and that those biases are relatively innate and ingrained, then how do you overcome them? How do you recognize when your biases are operative? What should you do differently? How do you make sure you are making a good decision?

Getting Started in Sustainable Projects

by Bruce Harpham

As our organizations turn to projects to reduce costs and improve productivity, pursuing environmental improvement is well worth considering. In addition to the quantitative benefits, delivering environmental project work gives us a sense of pride that we are making the world a better place.

Giving Until It Doesn't Hurt

by Mike Donoghue

To make a difference, it often feels like a person or corporation has to give large amounts of money and overextend their generosity. But the digital world has found ways in which we can all make incremental contributions that do not feel as fiscally painful and can be more widely practiced.

Global Access and Accessibility

by Mike Donoghue

Having the ability to connect to systems with round-the-clock availability has led us down a path of high expectations and preconceived outcomes. These challenges exist for any organization that chooses to make some portion of its operation available to customers at all times, causing some resources and personnel to get stretched in all directions.

Going Green? Depends on Your Environment

by Paul Baumgartner, PMP

Your company environment, that is. Not all efforts to reduce paper are one-size-fits-all, and will depend on the front-and-center goals of the organization.

Great Resignation, Great Opportunity

by Andy Jordan

Is your organization focused on the symptoms of the Great Resignation—the turnover affecting project delivery, for example? A short-term response is necessary, but there are also long-term opportunities to redefine your workplace into a destination of choice for folks seeking something better.

Green Is Mainstream…Are You?

by Andy Jordan

As project managers continue to secure greater autonomy over how they work, the importance of sustainability in approach and solutions becomes ever more important. How can PMs become green catalysts?

Green PM: How Have Things Changed?

by Michael Wood

It's been three years since this writer last visited the Green PM space. So what has changed since 2012 on the Green PM front? Let's take a look at certifications, resources, standards and tips to keep you sustainable.

Green Project Management Using ISO 14000 and the Project Management Body of Knowledge

by Mike Schmidt

This paper explores the concept of green project management (GPM) and how project managers can tackle this emerging concern. It also describes an approach to GPM using processes discussed in the PMBOK® Guide as well as tools and techniques defined within ISO standard 14000. The findings will show that by integrating the workflows and data exchange points of these two frameworks, a project manager can greatly expand his or her ability to execute GPM responsibly and effectively.


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