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AI in Project Management: Best Practices From Our Project

by Marly Nilsson

PMI Sweden led an extraordinary exploration of artificial intelligence and its impact on project professionals, resulting in multiple reports, webinars, articles and more. Here, read about key success factors that can inspire you to pursue your own dream projects.

Navigating the Ethical Landscape of AI in Business

by Wojciech Dymowski

The ethical perspective of artificial intelligence and how to ensure it follows human ethical norms is becoming increasingly important. To address this complex question, we first need to understand our current challenges with AI.

Getting the Most From Generative AI With Prompt Engineering Skills

by Edivandro Conforto, Rupal Bhandari

By effectively engaging with GenAI tools, project professionals can elevate their power skills, expand their business acumen and transform their ways of working. Prompt engineering skills are needed to navigate these tools, thereby enhancing project activities and optimizing successful outcomes.

A Better Approach for Multi-Year Strategies

by Andy Jordan

Organizations are necessarily developing and executing strategies that will span multiple business cycles, as decisions made today around long-term strategies have an impact on future flexibility. But is that a problem?

PMI Launches 'First Movers’ Advantage: The Immediate Benefits of Adopting Generative AI For Project Management'

by PMI

With this report, PMI's objective is to empower organizational leaders and project professionals to recognize the transformative impact of GenAI on individual performance, as well as to identify the key factors contributing to enhanced adoption. By doing so, it aims to provide the insights essential for fostering increased adoption in the project management community.

Fielding AI Project Teams: 8 Important Roles

by Michael Wood

It is increasingly important for IT project management teams to be equipped with the skills needed to tackle artificial intelligence projects. The good news is that most teams can become AI project-ready with the proper training and guidance.

To Infinity and Beyond: Are You Learning From AI?

by Andy Jordan

While there is no shortage of people and groups claiming to be experts in artificial intelligence, the simple fact is that pretty much everyone is still figuring it out. While organizations are still learning how to leverage AI, PMs can still learn from it.

6 Predictions for the Future of Project Consulting

by Andy Jordan

Consulting is a nuanced discipline, especially in project environments. And it's going to change...but how? This practitioner looks into his crystal ball and offers six predictions.

How Do We Train Artificial Intelligence?

by Andy Jordan

If we want to understand not just what AI “thinks” is happening, but why it thinks that—and how it believes we should respond—we better be darn sure that we have created a true expert in the discipline.


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