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How to Develop Credible Project Budgets

by Michael Wood

Money will always be a significant factor in any project you undertake. Having a good handle on how to build credible budgets is essential to successful project management. These approaches can help.

Optimizing Project Environment Efficiency (Part 1)

by Andy Jordan

In most organizations, there are plenty of opportunities to reduce the cost of delivering projects—but it requires an enterprise-wide perspective to identify and address the opportunities.

Essential Traits of Exceptional Teams

by Michael Wood

High-performing teams are composed of individuals who possess excellent skills and experience and have a shared commitment to achieving success. Here we look at some of the traits essential to these teams. How many does your team possess?

A Better Approach for Multi-Year Strategies

by Andy Jordan

Organizations are necessarily developing and executing strategies that will span multiple business cycles, as decisions made today around long-term strategies have an impact on future flexibility. But is that a problem?

4 Ways to Unblock Project Dependencies

by Bart Gerardi

It’s rare to complete a project of any meaningful size without taking dependencies on other teams. Here we look at the path project managers should follow when attempting to unblock a project faced with uncertain dependencies.

12 Ways to Develop a Top Strategic Consultant Mindset

by Antonio Nieto

Modern PMs can learn and apply these techniques to enhance performance and drive successful outcomes. This article explores six essential techniques and six accompanying critical aspects to help you excel with your projects.

Are Artifacts Worth the Effort?

by Faisal Shams

Is it a waste of time when the project team leaves its core tasks to engage in the editing, developing and updating of artifacts? Isn't it preferable to minimize artifacts as much as possible so that the team can exert more effort "in the field"?

Steer Digital Transformation: PMO as Your Pilot

by Amireh Amirmazaheri

Organizations that involve the PMO in digital transformations from the start—preparing them with the necessary skills and resources, and placing them at the center of the change—are the ones that can successfully drive, report on, and benefit from it the most.

In Pursuit of Better Strategic Decisions

by Andy Jordan

Organizations are always looking to improve strategic decision-making, but that can be difficult to achieve. However, there are ways to gain an advantage. Here we explore improving visibility and collaboration.

6 Paradigm Shifts Shaping Our Future

by Michael Wood

Paradigm shifts often disrupt our thinking and the way we work because they challenge our existing beliefs and make us re-evaluate our assumptions. Let's look at six areas where these shifts will force us to adapt at work...and in life.


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