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Solving the Project Request Intake Problem

by Amanda Duffy

The framework for critical thinking can solve many different types of problems. Here the author uses that same framework to solve the project request intake problem at a healthcare PMO.

Are You Making This Resource Capacity Mistake?

by Andy Jordan

When an organization consistently approves too much work, it fails to understand that planned work and work capacity are dramatically out of synch. PMOs must learn to optimize the ability to leverage whatever capacity the company has.

Steer Digital Transformation: PMO as Your Pilot

by Amireh Amirmazaheri

Organizations that involve the PMO in digital transformations from the start—preparing them with the necessary skills and resources, and placing them at the center of the change—are the ones that can successfully drive, report on, and benefit from it the most.

PMOs Must Get Back to Fundamentals

by Andy Jordan

PMO leaders aren’t stupid. Organizational leaders who approve PMOs aren’t stupid. Yet some of the decisions around the setting up and running of PMOs aren’t particularly smart. It’s time we go back to basics.

Keeping the PMO Relevant, Vibrant and Successful

by Michael Wood

The PMO should be masterful at orchestrating change within an organization—but that isn't always the case. Watch out for these five warning signs and start to instill some best practices to ensure success.

We Need to Get Past the IT-centric PMO

by Andy Jordan

For many organizations, PMOs are still inevitably viewed as an IT-aligned function. That needs to change. When a company's only PMO is within IT, there is never going to be sufficient visibility to ensure that the net value delivery is positive.

Successful PMO? Think Small and Custom

by Andy Jordan

How big should the PMO be? Where should it report? There’s no one model for a successful PMO, but there are some common characteristics that will help it succeed.

Respect Agile, Even if You Don’t Understand It

by Andy Jordan

As organizations improve their ability to view all work in one place, it brings the differences of agile into the spotlight. Leaders need to embrace and respect that.

Understanding PMO Complexity

by Andy Jordan

It’s overly simplistic to suggest that one particular type of PMO can be responsible for ensuring the right projects are done, while another type focuses on ensuring that those projects are done in the right way. Project environments are complex, and the PMOs that are responsible for managing those environments need to understand that.


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