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Tackling Service-Based Portfolio Management

by Vijay Sankaran

As we think about how we evolve our portfolio management disciplines, it is important to practice portfolio management within the context of service management. Ideally, an IT organization clearly defines its set of products and services via a service catalog and each customer works with a service portfolio manager to manage the lifecycle of services that is pertinent to them.

Take the Long View

by Janis Rizzuto

Shortsightedness can shortchange your organization on the benefits of project portfolio management. A top PPM analyst shares best practices on how to embrace the big picture and how evolving PPM tools can help.

The 21st Century PMO

by Andy Jordan

We seem to be moving from the “every PMO is different” model to the “PMOs fit into one of several types” model. However, since the heady days of Y2K the world has changed a lot--and created a lot of opportunities for PMOs to reinvent themselves and create a new model. This writer may be a power-crazed egomaniac, but he thinks PMOs can run the organization (if not the world).

The 4 Pillars of Portfolio Management

by Carleton Chinner

Portfolio managers that develop a detailed understanding of four fundamental aspects will be better positioned to manage their portfolios—and be able to answer the specific questions that executive managers are fond of asking.

The 80-20 Rule for PPM Tools

by Wayne Caccamo

When implementating a program or portfolio management solution, it is better to have 80 percent of the potential users of the system (adoption rate) using 20 percent of the system functionality, than to have 20 percent of the users exercising 80 percent of the system functionality.

The Agile Portfolio

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

More organizations are incrementally adding Agile methods to take their project portfolio management practices to the next level, while software providers are adapting their PPM offerings to keep pace with demand.

The Back of the (Virtual) Napkin

by Karen Klein

New product development doesn't get done with paper and pen any longer. Nor is the back of the napkin the preferred receptacle for brainstorming. While the creative process is still fundamentally messy (and human), managing it efficiently is vital to business success. How can project portfolio management contribute?

The Best Investment

by Vijay Sankaran

What's the best investment you can make? BI, of course. Business intelligence provides the mechanism for companies to look for opportunities to improve profitability and optimize your business. Read on for examples of how BI insight can be applied to enhance corporate profitability.

The Business of Agile: Managing a Startup from Conception to Inception

by Don Kim

Those with solid agile project management experience and knowledge--coupled with an entrepreneurial vision to see the trends and navigate incubating startups to launch--are poised to take great advantage both monetarily and professionally in years to come.

The Case for the Chief Project Officer

by Andy Jordan

Projects are becoming more strategic, why isn’t project leadership? The argument for the CPO is becoming stronger and stronger, so let's consider the case for an executive responsible for project execution.


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