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9 Tips to Be a Better Article Writer

by Lonnie Pacelli

Getting your point across in an engaging and informative way helps your readers grow and benefit from your wisdom. Consider these nine tips to help you be more efficient and effective as a writer.

Speak Up or Shut Up? The 'So What?' Principle to the Rescue!

by Lonnie Pacelli

Applying the “So what?” principle can help you decide when it’s important to speak up...or clam up. For better discretion on engaging with others who have differing points of view, give these points a look.

How to Keep Stakeholders Engaged

by Bart Gerardi

Engaging stakeholders does not simply mean finding out what they want, and attempting to deliver it. Stakeholder groups often have conflicting requirements and desires, and there is no way to give everyone what they want, all of the time.

How to Assess and Improve Team & Leader Engagement

by Bruce Harpham

Fully remote and hybrid work models are here to stay. But do we know how to engage effectively in this context? The Engagement Triangle can help us assess leader, project team, and personal engagement—and thrive in a flexible work world.

Embrace Simplicity, Avoid Complexity

by Paul Bird

Many forces “naturally” tend toward complexity. It's far more desirable to keep things simple—but that takes effort. Let's consider simplicity in terms of what we do and how we go about doing it—with practical tips on how to incorporate it into our work.

5 Attributes of High-Performance Teams

by Michael Wood

High-performance teams evolve over time—they are not formed by simply assembling a group of gifted professionals. Here we explore high-performance team differentiators, and five traits that speak to their success.

7 Ways to Increase Your Value Per Word

by Lonnie Pacelli

Do you make your words count? Gaining a reputation of having a high value per word tells others that you not only have something important to say, but also signals that you don’t want to waste others’ time filling air (or emails) with non-essential chatter.

12 Guidelines to Build a Sustainable Sponsor/PM Partnership

by Lonnie Pacelli

If you have friction in your sponsor relationships, consider these guidelines and decide where you and your sponsor have the most room to improve—and ensure you work together effectively when delivering solutions.

O Sponsor, Where Art Thou? 5 Ways to Ensure Sponsor Engagement

by Lonnie Pacelli

Even with the best of intentions, the sponsor/PM dance can feel more like one is doing a jitterbug and the other a waltz. What can the PM do to better ensure sponsor engagement and address where the sponsor is drifting?


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