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12 Guidelines to Build a Sustainable Sponsor/PM Partnership

by Lonnie Pacelli

If you have friction in your sponsor relationships, consider these guidelines and decide where you and your sponsor have the most room to improve—and ensure you work together effectively when delivering solutions.

O Sponsor, Where Art Thou? 5 Ways to Ensure Sponsor Engagement

by Lonnie Pacelli

Even with the best of intentions, the sponsor/PM dance can feel more like one is doing a jitterbug and the other a waltz. What can the PM do to better ensure sponsor engagement and address where the sponsor is drifting?

When Does Organizational Change Management Start?

by Andy Jordan

As strategic communication becomes more transparent across an enterprise, organizational change management must start earlier. Let's explore a new approach to organizational change.

6 Ways to Minimize Being Micromanaged

by Lonnie Pacelli

You earn the right to be micromanaged. As a follower, it’s important for you to do your part to avoid being micromanaged and having your leader fill in the blanks for you. These six tips can help.

9 Ways to Be a Better Feedback Receiver

by Lonnie Pacelli

Are you a graceful recipient of feedback? How can you be a better feedback recipient and mine the best nuggets out of the feedback you receive? Consider these nine points.

How Should PMOs Speak to Leadership?

by Andy Jordan

PMOs tend to speak the language of projects—and that's a barrier when it comes to engaging business leaders. To have meaningful communications with leadership, they need to intelligently speak the language of business—the language of value.

There’s a Leadership Problem

by Andy Jordan

Many people with leadership titles aren’t very good at leading people. They may be excellent at developing strategies, but building belief, trust and commitment in the teams that must execute those strategies is an altogether different skillset.

9 Ways to Foster Outcome-Focused, Process-Driven Teams

by Michael Wood

There are two main approaches to achieving success that teams take: outcome focused, and process driven. While both can be effective, a combined model positions project teams better equipped to deliver success.

5 Behaviors to Build Respect

by Paul Bird

Some behaviors have the potential to build respect in any setting. Here we highlight five—while also pointing out corresponding erosive behaviors to avoid.


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