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Can Governance and Agile Get Along?

by Paul Carvalho

Traditional testing practices are the hands that slow agile teams to a stagnant, waterfall state. Testing itself isn’t bad or anti-agile...but how you think about testing can make or break your agile success.

Can You Process This?

by Vincent McGevna

What’s the quickest way to do a project? Do it right. And contrary to a popular backlash, processes can help. The key is understanding what process is necessary for the work at hand, and determining how it should evolve as things change. It’s not about bureaucracy, it’s about meeting the needs of your project.

Change is Not Always Pain

by Andy Jordan

How can organizational change be implemented with a minimum of distress? Change frequently results in unrest, uncertainty and concern caused by nothing more than fear. People lose focus, become less productive and potentially seek out alternative employment because of the fear of something that is not going to happen. In this article, we look at how we can manage those situations more effectively.

Change Management: Understanding Perspectives

by Craig Curran-Morton

It's important to engage your stakeholders early on in the project process and work with them to understand their perspective. In this article, we will examine some of the key things to consider when making certain that your project engages and captures the perspectives of your stakeholders to ensure that project results are sustainable over the long term.

Chicken Soup for the Sick Project

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

Need help with project recovery? A whole new skill set and strategy is needed to recover an IT project from free fall. Here we provide practical recovery pointers on four project areas for failing IT projects, with a focus on software development for business applications.

Compliance Projects: Fragile, Please Handle with Care!

by Jiwat Ram

By their very nature, compliance projects should be regarded as strategic—as non-compliance could lead to far-reaching implications for business survival and continuity management. But they pose unique challenges for project managers...

Containing Volatility of Scope

by Suresh Randadath, PMP, TOGAF9

Not managing scope can seriously jeopardize a project, as the scope is the bedrock on which the product or solution is built. Understanding the various reasons for scope expansion in terms of customer- and vendor-induced expansions and how to define a good requirement are important building blocks.

Contingency Planning for the Knowns

by Al Taylor

Many IT project teams do a good job of identifying project risks and applying associated contingency reserve factors to the project plan. Unfortunately, project teams sometimes overlook the unique challenges that distinguish many applications and affect all projects undertaken in a specific application domain.

Copy and Paste Specifications: When One Size Does Not Fit All

by Matthew Aquino

Your car stops running. Confused, you open up the owner’s manual only to see that it refers to an entirely different car. Although this is an extreme example, this is what happens on many projects when the specifications are copy and pasted from similar previous projects. Through lessons learned from recent events and a large project, this article will show how the lack of detailed specifications can ruin a project from the start.


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