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Balanced Scorecard for Project Management Portfolio Optimization

white paper
by Dr. Matthew D. Gonzalez, PMP; Tony M. Ramirez, Jr.; and Ruby Rendon

In order for companies to survive and excel in today’s global environment, the corporate IT portfolio-planning function needs to plan IT initiatives strategically. Organizations must efficiently measure criteria that will enhance the performance of the overall strategies of their business.

Beginning at the End: Requirements Gathering Lessons from a Flowchart Junkie

white paper
by Cari Stieglitz, PMP

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

With over 70% of project failures being attributed to requirements gathering, why are we still using the same techniques and expecting different results? Requirements need to be discovered before they can be "gathered"--and this requires a robust approach to analyzing the business needs.

Building Commitment During an ERP Rollout

white paper
by Luc Galoppin & Daryl Conner

In this e-book, Luc Galoppin and Daryl Conner bring together their insights on commitment and social architecture. You will learn how the eight stages of commitment apply to an ERP rollout and why it is critical to carefully plan the "moments of truth". This e-book is specifically useful for executives who face an ERP rollout. It helps us to see where we need to be vigorous in terms of organizational change management.

Bullying at Work: An Ethical and Leadership Dilemma for Project Managers

white paper
by Paul Pelletier, LL.B., PMP

Sadly, the rates of workplace bullying across the globe, despite efforts to eliminate it, are increasing dramatically. To complicate matters, workplace bullies are often hard to identify. In order to directly and proactively address this issue, organizations, project managers and their organizations need to take action. Fortunately, there are many sources of information and tools available to assist them.



"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in the world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want and, if they can't find them, make them."

- George Bernard Shaw