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I Don't Have Time to Manage Requirements--My Project is Late Already!

white paper
by Elizabeth Larson Rich Larson

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

This paper provides and overview of requirements management, emphasizing the relationship between requirements management and project management, It describes the requirements framework and associated knowledge areas. In addition, it details the activities in requirements planning, describes components of a Requirements Management Plan, and explains how to negotiate for the use of requirements management tools, such as the Requirements Traceability Matrix to "get the project to done."

Identifying Requirements from BPI Documentation

white paper
by Michael Wood

In this installment on requirements, we will walk through the methodology for identifying IPOs, the functional data model and briefly address level of effort estimating.

Integrated Scheduling of Production and Distribution Operations

white paper
by Kenneth Ng

From the Robert H. Smith School of Business.
Many companies driven by direct orders, such as those in the computer industry and food catering services, produce and deliver to customers directly without holding intermediate inventories. These companies are confronted with the difficult task of optimizing both their customer service level as well as total distribution cost.

Issue-Based Change Management for eBusiness

white paper
by Vertical Sky

As traditional businesses evolve into e-businesses, the rules are changing--like everything else. One way to stay on top is to manage your content and change in the web environment according to these new rules. This technical white paper will give you insight into how this can be acheived.



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