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Managing Customer Expectations

white paper
by Naomi Karten

Your customers' level of satisfaction can be affected by changes in either their expectations or your performance. That means you have to pay attention to both. Learn how here.

Meeting Expectations

white paper
by Jonathan W. Powell, PMP

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

In addition to clarifying requirements, the facilitated workshop helps achieve customer buy-in and focus on project schedule, constraints and risks.

Microsoft CSS Case Study for OPM3

white paper

This OPM3 case study uses material from the forthcoming book Using OPM3. At Microsoft, the Customer Service and Support division has made this link between strategy management and customer-facing teams by transforming its portfolio management capability. This case study will describe several phases of this transformation, including how it aligns with OPM3--and how OPM3 is providing guidance for ongoing improvement.

More Customer Satisfaction--Less Scope Creep

white paper
by John Kilian

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

Successfully satisfying a customer begins with identifying and understanding--before project work commences--the customer's project-related needs and expectations. This paper examines how project managers can develop project blueprints that help the project team define the project's scope-of-work and subsequently create project solutions that correspond to the customer's requirements and expectations.

MS Project Case Study: Administaff

white paper
by Kevin McKenzie

Full-service human resources service provider Administaff upgraded to Microsoft Office Project 2007 for an EPM solution to take it to a higher level.



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