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On the Path to Business Agility: Disciplined Agile for Executives

by Klaus Boedker
April 06, 2021 | 61:05 | Views: 30,333 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.64 / 5

By now, most organizations have figured out how to build and then continually improve high-performance software delivery teams. This is akin to creating a powerful race car engine. Sadly, in many cases we take these great engines, put them in an organizational tractor, and then complain when we are not going as fast as expected. This webinar explores the Disciplined Agile principles and how executives can apply them in their own organizational context to put them on the path of business agility.

Organizational Enablers for Project Governance

by Ralf Müller
September 15, 2016 | 60:46 | Views: 17,539 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.96 / 5

While corporate culture plays a significant rolein the success of any corporation, governance and “governmentality” not onlydetermine how business should be conducted, but also define the policies andprocedures organizations follow to achieve business functions and goals. Intheir book, Organizational Enablers for Project Governance, Ralf Müller,Jingting Shao, and Sofia Pemsel examine the interaction of governance andgovernmentality in various types of companies and demonstrate how these factorsdrive business success and influence project work, efficiency, andprofitability.

Outils pour traiter les points de vulnérabilité

by Olivier Mesly
PMI Montreal Chapter
September 22, 2016 | 47:19 | Views: 3,664 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.08 / 5

Basé sur une recherche terrain le propos porte sur les six compétences de la gestion de projet : contrôle, transparence, confiance, collaboration, équité et engagement.



"It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not to deserve them."

- Mark Twain