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Project Plan/Project Definition

PREMIUM deliverable

Behind every successful project is a rock-solid, detailed project plan. This template defines every aspect of your project. The final product can be used to make what you are doing clear to all project stakeholders.

PMO Sample Risk Questionnaire

PREMIUM deliverable

Good PMO policy requires that risks get evaluated before projects go forward. Use this sample questionnaire to give you ideas on how to structure your own risk assessment surveys.

Project Quality Plan


Monitoring quality on your project means tracking the process as well as the product. This template will help you gather all of the quality issues in one place so you can keep on top of your project quality from justification through close-out.

WBS Planning Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable

There is a lot riding on your project's work breakdown structure. Use this worksheet to help you plan the WBS smarter and better.

Project HEADWAY Risk Impact Tool

PREMIUM deliverable

This spreadsheet will help you align your project efforts with the specific risks you face on your project, to make estimating and resource management more accurate and effective.

Project HEADWAY Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

PREMIUM deliverable

This template will help the project manager put together information from a Steering Committee Meeting in a way that will communicate that information effectively to the project team.

Project HEADWAY Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

PREMIUM deliverable

A key problem on many projects is the failure of the project manager to adequately define the roles and responsibilities of each project participant. Work, deliverable reviews and sign-offs are often missed because no one is quite sure of who is responsible. The purpose of this template is to layout the deliverables and activities to ensure everyone understand who is responsible for them and in what capacity.

Project HEADWAY Project Risk Register

PREMIUM deliverable
by Interthink

The purpose of the risk register is to proactively manage risk on the project. It provides the project manager with a summarized view of all the risks on the project, allowing them to be easily identified, tracked and responded to. If more detail information is required, the project manager can refer back to a risk’s identification form.

Project HEADWAY Quality Management Plan

PREMIUM deliverable

On many projects, quality is often poorly defined and/or poorly communicated. The purpose of this template allows the project manager to define quality on the project and detail the required metrics and steps necessary to ensure a quality project.


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