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Project Management Roles and Responsibilities

PREMIUM deliverable

UPDATED TEMPLATE! The project management roles and responsibilities template is designed to consider the project management support that is required in managing and supporting a project. The template reflects the role and contributions of the project manager, as well as Project Management Office (PMO) and methodology support roles, where those exist.

Project Plan/Project Definition

PREMIUM deliverable

Behind every successful project is a rock-solid, detailed project plan. This template defines every aspect of your project. The final product can be used to make what you are doing clear to all project stakeholders.

Virtual Team in Stages

PREMIUM deliverable
by Joe Wynne

Use this template to help manage your virtual team's performance by providing stage-specific guidance in key management areas. This handy virtual team management matrix will help you through all stages of JPACE (Justify, Plan, Activate, Control, End).

Estimated Project Costs Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable

How much will your project cost? Management will want to know before they commit to it. Use this spreadsheet to estimate your costs, broken down by project phase and classified according to the cost categories that will be most meaningful to the decision makers.

ROI Calculation Worksheet


Do the costs and benefits of your project balance out to a worthwhile return on investment (ROI)? Management will use that as important criteria for authorizing your project. Use this spreadsheet to calculate the ROI of your project.

Project Concept

PREMIUM deliverable

Finding sponsors to back your project is an art. Make a compelling case for the project to gain sponsor support when you are pitching your business case to executive management. Here is an example of a brief, direct project concept designed to lure sponsors into your camp.

Standard Business Case

by Michael Wood

Document a business case to persuade upper management to fund your project. Keep it short and succinct enough that the busy executive management audience will read and digest it. It should directly convey the information they need to know with salient, hard-hitting, supporting evidence that addresses the bottom line. This is a basic instructional framework of the information you should include in your business case. Enhance it as you wish!

Risk Assessment and Tracker


Forewarned is forearmed. Use this handy Excel spreadsheet to alert everyone to the project's potential risks up front and track them through the life of the project.

Project Review Questionnaire

PREMIUM deliverable

The project is all over, except for the screaming and the reporting on what worked and what didn't. It's important to find out how team members view it all in retrospect so you can capture those essential best practices and avoid the worst ones for future projects. Poll the delegation with this Project Review Questionnaire.

Project Impact and Recommendations Report


Improved deliverable! Would you like to have a lot of explaining to do in the end about why your project fell short of its mark? Probably not! Report any issues that may adversely impact project schedule, resourcing, budget, scope or other key project elements, and propose alternative solutions that will minimize the impact. Don't forget to get the requisite formal approvals.


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