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Customer Needs Analysis


The purpose of this analysis technique is to identify the specific customers whose satisfaction is critical to the success of the enterprise and to determine their needs. This technique focuses on eliminating misunderstanding, misinterpretation of customers and needs, understanding the customer viewpoint of the value stream, forming a foundation for reengineering, and identifying customer problems.

Data Warehouse Process: Data Warehouse Process

A Data Warehouse is not an individual repository product. Rather, it is an overall strategy, or process, for building decision support systems and a knowledge-based applications architecture and envi...

Hold Your Horses: PREPARE for Responsible AI Use in Project Management

by Mike Griffiths

Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize project management. But people tend to be lazy, and a fool with a tool is still a fool. Worse yet, a fool with a tool that produces well-written, convincing project deliverables is a very dangerous fool.

In Pursuit of Better Strategic Decisions

by Andy Jordan

Organizations are always looking to improve strategic decision-making, but that can be difficult to achieve. However, there are ways to gain an advantage. Here we explore improving visibility and collaboration.

Managing Project Uncertainties

by Bart Gerardi

Project leaders must cope with many uncertainties, from requirements to schedules. These uncertainties can’t be removed but they can me managed and often mitigated. Here are some strategies and actions to address risks, reduce ambiguities and retire unknowns.


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