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The Weakest Link

by Joan Hyland

Even when it appears that one individual's poor performance is hurting the overall project, the obvious solution might not be the most effective, or even right. Instead, follow these five steps to help get a struggling team member (and your project) back on track.

PM Status Report: Poor

by Karen Klein

A national project management survey released this month reports that most projects are not meeting goals, and team members are often not trained properly. While most projects are eventually completed, only one-third of them come in on time and on budget. Several factors are culpable.

Balancing the Project Checkbook

by John Ager

Approving a project is like writing a check: you’re committing your organization’s resources to completing activities. But often the process fails to recognize that the most critical resource — people — is overdrawn. Here is a simple first step to better estimate the human cost component of your project.

Are We There Yet?

by Joan Hyland

Objectives: Don't start your project without them. They define why an organization wants to go forward with an initiative, detailing desired benefits and clarifying constraints. Here are some steps to help you develop and measure them for your next project.

Opportunity Analysis

by Joan Hyland

The goal of Potential Opportunity Analysis is to enhance the success of your project. It involves the same type of detailed planning as risk management.

Spring Training

by Projects@Work

All project professionals must study at the School of Hard Knocks. There’s just no simple substitute for experience. But project management training programs can help to smooth the often rocky road to knowledge and skills growth. And consulting services can do the same at the organizational level. Here’s our latest roundup of some leading training and consulting providers as well as other professional development resources.


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