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An Introduction to Project Management for C-Level Executives

by Mario Trentim, PMP, PMI-RMP, PfMP

As a C-Level executive, you are responsible for managing complex projects that require extensive coordination and careful planning to ensure success. But there is a lot more to project management than just making sure everyone is on the same page.

Don’t Let Your Customers Define Your Work

by Andy Jordan

There has been increasing recognition that meeting the needs of a customer is important. But there are limits when it comes to PMOs—which shouldn’t be allowing customers to set their priorities any more than they should be setting those priorities themselves.

Is Your Strategy Ready for Tomorrow?

by Andy Jordan

While strategic planning and delivery processes have evolved over the last several years, the pursuit of annual goals and objectives—with convenient metrics to track them—remains at the forefront. It’s time that changed.

Project Scope Creep: How To Take Control and Get Back on Track

by Karine O'Donnell

Scope creep is one of the greatest challenges you’ll face in delivering a successful project. In this article, we look at what scope creep is, why it happens, how to get a project that’s experiencing scope creep back on track, and how to prevent scope creep in the first place.

Organizing Impactful Team Meetings

PREMIUM presentation
by Mithun A. Sridharan

Meetings can be valuable opportunities for businesses to collaborate, share ideas, and make decisions, but only with careful planning, preparation, and execution. By setting clear goals, creating a cohesive agenda, selecting the appropriate participants, setting ground rules, promoting engagement, utilizing technology efficiently, and following up afterward, you can ensure that your meetings are efficient, productive, and engaging. This approach leads to better business outcomes and a more engaged team. During this webinar, we will present frameworks and models that will assist the audience in organizing and conducting effective meetings.


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